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Sale Up To 51% off

AAS Summer Sale22 Jun - August 27, 2020

Save 50% off AAS's incredible range of physically modelled instruments and creative effects for a limited time only in our Summer Sale. (Inc Upgrades, Expansions and Bundles)

Other Deals

deal - 23% off30 Jul - September 1, 2020

Krotos Concept Sale

Concept is the brand new creative soft-synth from Krotos built to create unique sounds from familiar sources. Buy now with 23% off.

deal - Up To 25% off31 Jul - August 8, 2020

Audiaire Sale

Save 25% off the entire Audiaire range of parameter sequencer synths, unique multi-effects and max-for-live devices. Offer includes bundles! Available for a limited time only at Plugin Boutique.

deal - 70% off31 Jul - September 1, 2020

BeatSkillz Synthwave Bundle Sale (Exclusive)

Transport your productions back in time with Synthwave Keys and Synthwave Drums from BeatSkillz. Buy now for only £37.95 / $49.

deal - 92% off30 Jul - September 3, 2020

Air Music Mini Grand Sale

Mini Grand is a simple to use yet powerful virtual piano instrument with seven different acoustic piano sounds to suit a broad range of musical styles and production needs. Save over 90% off for a limited time only and buy now for only £3.95 / $4.99.

deal - 45% off 9 Jun - September 1, 2020

Softube Marshall Cabinet Collection Introductory Sale

Marshall Cabinet Collection is a collection of 8 classic, rare, and hand-wired speaker cabinets by Marshall exclusively available for use in Softube Amp Room. Note: This product requires Softube Amp Room in order to function. Save 45% off for a limited time only.