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620x320 izotope blackfridaybundle banner new pluginboutique

deal - 93% off22 Nov - December 7, 2019

iZotope Black Friday Bundle Sale

An incredible collection of iZotope essential plugins for a limited-time price of £44 / $49!. This collection features an array of professional & creative FX, including iZotope's world-renowned assistive technology to help you create, repair, mix and master your music to perfection.
620x320 serato sample pluginboutique

deal - 50% off21 Nov - December 6, 2019

Serato Sample Black Friday Sale

The Fastest Way to Sample: A powerful and intuitive new sampler plugin for producers that allows you to quickly find, chop, key shift and time-stretch samples. Save 50% off and buy now for only £34.95 / $39!
620x320 heavyocity bfsale pluginboutique

deal - Up To 75% off18 Nov - December 9, 2019

Heavyocity Black Friday Sale

Creating such products as NOVO, Gravity and Damage: Heavyocity is a collective of pro composers and sound designers with a mission to create world-class virtual instruments for today’s modern composer and sound designer. Save up to 75% off in this special Black Friday Sale!
620x320 kv331 bf pluginboutique

deal - Up To 68% off16 Nov - December 3, 2019

KV331 Audio Synthmaster Black Friday Sale

With its multi-synthesis oscillators, analogue modelled/digital filters, flexible effects routing with 11 types of high-quality effects and a massive modulation architecture with 95 separate modulation sources and 650+ modulation targets; SynthMaster is a 'must-have' for all synthesizer enthusiasts! Starting from only £6.95 / $9!
620x320 plugin boutique scaler

deal - 40% off18 Nov - December 6, 2019

Plugin Boutique Scaler Black Friday Sale

Scaler - The Creative Chord Composer. Save on the unique and inspirational MIDI effect that makes finding chords and progressions intuitive and fun! Buy now for only £24.95 / $29!
620x320 scalerbundle pluginboutique %281%29

deal - 43% off20 Nov - December 6, 2019

Plugin Boutique Scaler+ Bundle

Scaler is a unique and inspirational MIDI effect that makes finding chords and progressions intuitive and fun! Get the Scaler+ Bundle which includes an in-depth course which is ready to be streamed within your Plugin Boutique user account.
620x320 izotope blackfridaymps3 banner pluginboutique

deal - Up To 60% off22 Nov - December 7, 2019

iZotope Black Friday Sale

iZotope offer some fantastic deals in this Black Friday Sale. Save up to 60% off Music Production Suite, Tonal Balance, Ozone 9, Neutron 3, Nectar 3 along with Upgrade and Crossgrade offer for current iZotope users.
620x320 producertech scaler pluginboutique

deal - 58% off20 Nov - January 6, 2020

Producertech Producer's Guide to Scaler Sale

In this course, you will learn how to use this fantastic tool in a variety of scenarios so that you can start including it into your creative workflow right away. Save 50% Iff and make the most out of your inspirational MIDI effect!
620x320 glitchmachines palindrome bf pluginboutique

deal - 87% off20 Nov - January 2, 2020

Buy Glitchmachines Palindrome Black Friday Sale

A granular morph plotting sampler geared toward experimental sound design! Save 87% off and buy now for only £7,95 / $10 in our Black Friday Sale!
620x320 reasonstudios reason11 pluginboutique %281%29

deal - Up To 33% off22 Nov - December 3, 2019

Reason Studios Black Friday Sale

Make Music the Way You Want: Now available as a plugin rack in your DAW or as a fast and flexible music production tool, Reason Suite is ready for your music-making! Save up to 33% in our Black Friday Sale.
620x320 accusonus bf73 pluginboutique %282%29

deal - Up To 73% off15 Nov - December 1, 2019

accusonus Black Friday Sale

Save up to 73% off a selection of the fantastic audio restoration tools and creative drum tools from accusonus in their Black Friday Sale. Includes the new Rhythmiq, both ERA Bundles and a selection of upgrades.
620x320 arturia vcollection7 pluginboutique %281%29 %281%29

deal - 40% off15 Nov - December 5, 2019

Arturia V Collection 7 Black Friday Sale

Legendary Keyboards Reinvented! This is the most comprehensive anthology of classic synth and keyboards ever made. This is decades of passionate research, modelling, and development. Save 40% off the fantastic V Collection in our Black Friday Sale.