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Neoclassical Bundle

Inst Bundle by Cinematique Instruments

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An Inspired Neoclassical Collection

Introducing the Neoclassical Bundle, six pristinely sampled collections of instruments from Cinematique Instruments and KLANG that bring, character, quality and class to your compositions and productions. Whether it be soft intimate pianos, delicate string sections or modern mallet sounds, this collection provides all you need to create detailed, nuanced productions in a neoclassical style.

The Neoclassical Bundle is exclusive to Plugin Boutique and available for a limited time only.

Charakter Piano Collection

Six Inspiring Pianos

The Charakter Piano Collection is an assortment of six different pianos - each one with a strong character suitable for lots of purposes. Whether you are looking for a warm piano that creates intimacy to fit in your sound, looking for a strong upright with lots of options or you like to play very soft and fragile pianos the Charakter Piano Collection offers you a variety of 6 pianos.

The pianos are:

Curbed Piano

The Curbed Piano is a brand new approach of recording and playing pianos. The idea behind it is to insert a thick piece of fabric or felt between the hammer and the strings. By playing the piano you achieve a very warm and damped piano sound with a very dominant hammer sound. The sound is very intimate and organic. Additional features are reverse sounds and stuttering sustain.

Intimate + Piano (updated version)

In 2018 we have updated the intimate piano to the Intimate +“ version. Instead of adding fx sounds to the piano, you can now add the realistic sound of the hammer (while hitting the strings) to the piano. Beside the option to control the volume of this hammer sound you can control the decay and tone of it. Additionally, you can also mix a set of reverse sounds to it.

Intimate Piano

Intimate Piano is a specially recorded set of samples of our beloved Zeither & Winkelmann upright piano. We recorded the piano with a field recorder lying on the ground of it. We have restricted ourselves to record just a very low and gentle velocity level of the piano. This kind of playing along with the unique recording setting results in its charming, warm and intimate sound.

Practice Piano

The Practice Piano is definitely more than a piano you use just for practice. Recorded in the academy for arts in music in Brisbane/ Australia we are coming out with a piano that sounds real and vibrating. It is very raw and comes along with a „granny“ option that morphs its sound to an old Yamaha piano out of the cellar, where one of us did his first steps :) The sound dirty and vintage.

Upright Piano

This is our lovely and beloved Zeither & Winkelmann Piano. Our own studio piano is a bright and high quality upright piano for contemporary uses. With editing functions reduced to the main need. You do not have to tweak a lot to get the sound you are aiming for a nice and warm Piano sound that works just fine for everything.

Soundboard Piano

The soundboard piano is based on the deconstructed piano. We picked certain carefully sampled layers and put them into a new instrument. You have a knob that lets you morph the sound, so it individually fits in your mix. With the soundboard, you get a whole new Piano that sounds somehow familiar but completely different.

Learn more about Charakter Piano Collection.

Fine Mallets Bundle

Amazing Sound - Wide Versatility

Fine Mallets is an arsenal of 7 mallet instruments coming in 3 patches.

Fine Mallets Bundle includes:

  • Vibraphone
  • Bass Marimba
  • Metallophone
  • Glockenspiel
  • Spieluhr
  • Kalimba
  • Crystal Bowl



  • Felt Mallet
  • Bowed Notes
  • Prepared Coins
  • Prepared Foldpaper
  • Prepared Spatula
  • Prepared Spoon
  • Prepared Washer


  • Hard Mallet
  • Felt Mallet
  • Big Soft Mallet


  • Wood Mallet
  • Felt Mallet
  • Cardbox Mallet
  • Plastic Mallet
  • Leather Mallet
  • Brushed

Vintage Sopran Glockenspiel

  • Wood Mallet
  • Thumb


  • Wood Mallets
  • Felt Mallets
  • Rubber Mallet
  • Muted


  • Regular
  • Hard Sounding
  • Lying on Wood


  • Regular
  • Noisy Sounding

Crystal Bowl

  • Felt Mallet
  • Rubber Mallet
  • Leather Mallet

The Package

  • The bundle consists of 3 complex patches including all 30 articulations which is approx. 1.9 GB of compressed data and more than 3.000 Samples.

Important Note: This software supports Native Instruments NKS format (compatible with Maschine and Komplete Kontrol S-Series keyboards)

 Learn more about Fine Mallets Bundle.

Rytmik Bundle

Massive Beats at your Fingertips

Rytmik Beats offers a wide arsenal of audio beats with which you can build awesome beat combinations in seconds. Rytmik Beats gives you the possibility to find the right beat for your music in a very fast and varied way, no matter if your are writing film music or pop music.

Rytmik Beats works exclusively on the basis of audio loops, which all originate from his big brother Rytmik. All beats run via TimeMachine tempo-synchronized to your host and have the same inspiring as well as unique sound characteristics of his big brother Rytmik.

Rytmik Beats has almost 300 audio loops, which are divided into 6 Kontakt instruments with 48 beats each. These 6 instruments cover a wide range of styles and since they all fit well together they make sure that you will find something suitable.


  • Approximately 288 samples.
  • Cinematic, urban and FX.
  • 288 beats spread over 6 genre instances.

Learn more about Rytmik Bundle.

SYMPHONIC: Gambastard

Rude Bass Strings

This instrument fills up the low-end of your symphonic range. It consists of several low-register string instruments, like Double Bass and Viola da Gamba, which were played with mallets instead of typical bows. This creates a characteristic and deep sound in the lower octaves that you are able to control in the engine.

Learn more about SYMPHONIC: Gambastard.

SYMPHONIC: Hammered Violin

Charming Air

In KLANG’s recording room they have a lot of xylophone mallets and old broken piano hammers lying around. KLANG wanted to create a different type of violin sound, so they played a violin with a piano hammer and a xylophone mallet instead of the typical bow. They ended up with a unique violin sound. Additionally, they programmed a sequencer so that you can easily play rhythmic patterns in any way you like.

Learn more about SYMPHONIC: Hammered Violin.

SYMPHONIC: Raising Strings

Dynamic Vortex

For this instrument, KLANG sent a Pizzicato Solo Violin and a hammered Viola da Gamba through various delay effects to create a rhythmic pattern that is tempo-synced. The other sound source is a digitally down-tuned, legato, violin patch which was also sent through various modulating effects.

You can easily blend those two patches into each other, by controlling two of the three main controllers. The middle one changes the overall tone. Additionally, you have LoFi, distortion, delay and 9 different reverb types.

Learn more about SYMPHONIC: Raising Strings.

System Requirements

  • All software requires the FULL version of Kontakt 5.6.8 or higher.

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