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Reverb by Stagecraft

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EchoThief is a real-time reverb convolution plugin. What sets this plugin apart is its use of the EchoThief impulse response library. This library was created using custom, state-of-the-art signal processing technology that enables the recording of impulse responses in acoustic spaces that are too noisy to capture using other methods. From typical convolution reverb standbys such as concert halls, to previously inaccessible spaces such as the Batcave from the original 1960s TV show, this plugin will give you an unprecedented range of acoustic spaces to play in.

The plugin also features wet/dry mix, signal predelay, and a compressor and EQ to enhance the space. Beautiful high-res wide-angle images of the spaces captured round out the experience.


  • Real-time convolution
  • Wet / dry mix
  • High-res wide-angle images of the spaces
  • IR Compressor to bring out the reverb
  • EQ to limit the echo effect to bands

System Requirements:


  • OS X 10.7 or newer


  • AAX
  • AU
  • VST
  • VST3


  • ­Windows 7 or newer


  • AAX
  • VST
  • VST3

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