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Carbon Electra Review at Bedroom Producers Blog

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Most of us who’ve been around a while will have noticed the massive increase of plugins on the market in the last five years. It seems like every few months there is a new developer on the scene, every week a new synth or effect plugin. In the past, a lot of them were un-noteworthy, they were not cross platform or they had unintuitive, unattractive GUIs or they just plain didn’t sound particularly good.

While those kinds of plugins still get released, I do believe we’ve also seen a rise in quality across the board. That is, while there are a lot of developers who seem unable to release a fully rounded plugin, we’re also seeing more people do it right. Plugin Boutique is obviously keen to be in the latter category, with the resources and expertise to deliver a proper plugin, cross platform, with a good GUI and most importantly, a sound fit for purpose.

Bedroom Producers Blog Rating - 93% (Brilliant)

Features - 4/5 stars

Workflow - 5/5 stars

Performance - 5/5 stars

Design - 4/5 stars

Sound - 5/5 stars

Pricing - 4/5 stars

Verdict - Carbon Electra manages to combine the precision and clarity of modern VA’s with the wild aggressive nature of an analog beast. The inclusion of the flexible LFO waveforms and hassle free step-envelope generator just adds icing to the cake.


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