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There are so many amazing and modestly priced reverb plugins on the market today that for a new one to leave a lasting impression, it needs to offer something special or innovative that the others don't... Audiority reckons that its latest Reverb, Polaris (VST/AU/AAX), qualifies.

Inspired by early digital hardware reverbs, Polaris generates its reverberations using a single multi-tap delay line. Ironically, this is more of a throwback to the late 70s than a true innovation, but as a starting point, it enables the plugin to produce a unique array of spatial effects - and we can absolutely assure you that it isn't restricted to emulating the sound of early digital reverbs.



  • Diverse. Easy to use. Does echo effects. Wonderful presets. Unique reverb sound. Does chorus-like effects.


  •  Not very realistic. Can sound a bit grainy.

Overall Verdict

More of a sound-design and special FX 'verb, Polaris successfully combines retro soul with modern functionality, at a reasonable price.

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