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With the hope that the loudness wars are well and truly left in the noughties, LEVELS introduces a fundamental approach to metering that makes a technically professional mix far more achievable. The unique interface allows me to instantly identify and eradicate inter-sample peaks and over-compression in my mix that may otherwise go unnoticed when using other metering plugins.

Best Feature

The User Guides!

At Mastering the Mix, they make a real effort to support their products with additional content, providing two fully-fledged comprehensive guides on how to utilise LEVELS’ features in real-world mixing and mastering situations. These user guides not only introduce you to true peaks, LUFS metering and streaming normalisation (amongst others), but they wholly stress the importance of remaining conscientious of how these elements are affecting your mix or master, focusing on the concept of creating the best possible listening experience.

Where loudness is concerned, LEVELS does an incredible job of encouraging an open and dynamic mix, and with the adjustable threshold settings and presets, I can be confident that my master is optimised for playback on specific streaming platforms. In a loudness-normalised world, LEVELS is one of those plugins that every mixing and mastering engineer needs in their studio.

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