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Regroover Essential

Discover the magic inside your drum loops which you’ve wanted to extract for years. Create new sounds from old, generate rhythm variations or simply adjust the volume of individual elements within a loop. Regroover uses Artificial-Intelligence to extract layers from previously recorded beats and samples.

Use Regroover to:

  • Unravel (unmix) your loops into distinct audio stems (layers).
  • Get previously unheard single hit sounds from inside your loops.
  • Re-groove and get countless rhythm variations between different layers of the same audio loop.
  • Dial in the volume, panning and effects of individual layers of your mixed beats for better balance or more variety to your looped patterns
  • Play or program the sounds from inside your loops and combine them to create new rhythms and grooves

Regroover uses mad science to inspire your creativity and maintain your originality.

Getting Started with Regroover Essential in 7 Easy Steps

1. Open Regroover Essential in your DAW

Regroover Essential is a Virtual Instrument. Depending on your DAW's terminology, you will need to create either a new MIDI or Virtual Instrument track and insert it as a plug-in.

2. Import Audio into Regroover

Regroover supports .wav, .aif/.aiff and .caf files of standard sample rates. You can import an audio clip by clicking on the LOAD CLIP button or by simply dragging and dropping it from your file system.

3. Preview the Loop Layers

Regroover automatically splits your loop into 4 individual Layers (the sum of all Layers gives always the original loop). Make sure the HOST button is enabled and click play in your DAW (or press the space button) and Regroover will automatically sync to your DAW. Listen to the individual Regroover Layers by pressing the Solo button on the left side of Regroover. This is also where all mixer-related controls are available.

4. Set the positions of the Layers' markers

By moving the left/right markers of each Layer, you can adjust the start and end points for each Layer. Doing so will enable you to create interesting beat variations on-the-fly. Note that by default, snapping to grid is enabled and you can change the grid value by the corresponding drop-down menu.

5. Playback the Regrooved Loop Variation

After setting the Layer markers, you can listen to the fresh loop variation. You can also experiment and create new variations by simply drag and dropping the marker selections of each Layer, without stopping the DAW's playback.

6. MIDI Playback of Regroover Layers

If you wish to arrange your Regroover Layers in your DAW, you can do so via MIDI. Starting from C3, each note represents a Regroover Layer.

7. Guide the Split Process to Create Meaningful Layers

If you want to modify the default 4-Layer split results, you can guide the split process to generate 5 or 6 Layers from the corresponding Analysis section slider. You can also enable the "annotation tool" to select Layer regions that you'd like to be moved to a different Layer.

Regroover is used by music producers, beatmakers and DJs who perform sampling, drum programming, and beat-slicing to remix and compose. Use Regroover to unmix your loops into distinct sound layers, get previously unheard sounds and craft the isolated beat elements to form your unique rhythmic signature.

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