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Plugin Boutique Staff Picks - Gareth

Since their inception in 2005, XLN Audio have built a highly sought-after collection of virtual instruments and FX, focusing on creativity and inspiration. With their latest release, XO, comes a revolutionary take on sample organisation that helps you explore a new world of sounds like never before.

Best Feature

Playground Mode

XO is more than just a library of samples - it also features a Playground Mode with an intuitive sequencer to sculpt your beat. You can either jump straight in to building your beat by hand or select a pattern from the collection of curated groove templates as a starting point. The templates make it incredibly easy to change up your beat and introduce new elements, but if you need a completely new groove you can simply hit the randomise button.

Regardless of how big or small your sample collection is, XO’s unique sample universe and powerful beat making capabilities will help you rediscover your favourite sounds and create brand new ones.

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