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D16 Group Repeater Review at Dubspot

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This plugin spotlight features Repeater, an impressive vintage modeled dual-delay developed as a collaboration between D16 Group and Slate Digital.


Repeater is a full featured dual-delay that features 23 authentic modeled delay units that have been created over the past 70 years ranging from classic oil cans and plates to modern digital circuits and the most famous vintage designs. This powerful all-in-one unit is no average delay plugin; it is a carefully crafted stereo effect processor designed as a collaboration between D16 Group and Slate Digital, two industry-leading companies known for delivering high-quality virtual instruments and effects. Repeater is the ultimate creative tool for adding space, depth, and excitement to your music.

Key Features

Repeater is not your typical stereo delay effect processor with independent control of the processing path for the left and right channels. This versatile delay unit features several controls to manipulate the processing signal flow at various stages. The user-friendly graphic interface provides a host of modern controls grouped in processing blocks that follow the signal path for both channels, making it an extremely flexible double delay line effect. You’ll appreciate all the creative possibilities this approach can offer over the typical delay plugin. The following key features give you an idea of its many capabilities:

  • 23 unique delay models
  • Two separate delay lines for left and right channels with independent control for each of them and per channel features:
    • Phase invert function
    • Audio clipper module with Color parameter
    • Dual (Hi-Pass, Lo-Pass) filter
    • Dry/Wet mixing
    • Channel re-panning
  • Tap function for non-synchronized delay times
  • Optional Tempo Synchronization with DAW’s
  • Ping-Pong mode
  • Feedback Analog mode
  • Two stage Stereo spread
  • Ultra-low digital aliasing output
  • Tag based preset browser
  • MIDI-learn functionality
  • 64 bit internal processing

Delay Line Models

Why pay for several different delay plugins when you can capture all your favorites in a brilliantly designed unit that emulates some of the industries most renowned delay models? D16 Group and Slate Digital made this happen in a collaborative effort known as Repeater. Below are 23 delay line Model emulations that affect the tone characteristics of your sounds:

  • Cassette Tape: A model of an early 80′s Japanese cassette tape deck. We’d call this one “mid-fi.”
  • Coopy Cube: An early 70′s delay originally made from a garden hose! Great for short delays to add depth, also with stereo Spread option.
  • Digital 42: One of the most famous modern digital delays, this one has a uniquely early digital tone with a touch of graininess and a slight scoop. Great for guitars and vocals.
  • Digital 42 x 2: The double option on the Digital 42, it halves the sample rate for an extremely unique lo-fi tone that is great on vocals, guitars, and drums.
  • Digital Delay: A hi-resolution digital delay. Use Repeater’s filters and Color to customize the tone.
  • DM-2: An early bucket brigade analog delay with a warm and rich tone. Amazing on guitars and synths.
  • Mellow Delay: A smooth, subdued delay that is based on several vintage analog topologies.
  • Memory Guy: Lush analog delay with fat vintage tone.
  • Mirky Delay: Based on early bucket brigade analog delays, it is dark and thick. Great as a special effect delay or thickener when used with the Spread option.
  • New Radio: Delay tone with FM radio style scooped hi-fi tone. Try it on vocals.
  • Old Radio: Delay tone with AM radio style grainy lo-fi tone.
  • Pitchy Delays (3 models): Delays with slight pitch modulations for extremely spatial and deep effects. Sounds great when both delay lines are set to the same time creating a chorusing mono effect. These can also be used with tight delays with Spread option for widening and thickening effects.
  • Plexy Echo: Based on an old 70s tape delay unit. It’s fat tone, which sounds great on vocals guitars and even drums.
  • Space Delay: Based on the famous magnetic tape delay with warm and gritty tone. A classic on guitars.
  • Tape Delay Ancient: An extremely old 1940′s style tape delay tone.
  • Tape Delay Classic: Early 60′s style tape delay.
  • Tape Delay Modern: Hi-fi tape delay with warm and lush tone.
  • Tape Delay Vintage: 70′s style tape tone, slightly grainy but warm.
  • Telephone 1: Lo-fi telephone tone, great for special effects or used as an insert on vocal or even full mix.
  • Telephone 2: Another lo-fi telephone tone with slightly different frequency and distortion tone.
  • TelRay: The analog delay classic made original from a tuna can. Beautifully lo-fi with a rich tone that is perfect for guitars.

Working with Repeater

Working with Repeater is a lot of fun. The intuitive and easy to understand interface allows you to jump in and get amazing results right away without having to figure out complex controls and options. The sound quality is absolutely amazing, and I immediately fell in love with all the sound shaping options. Within one minute, I knew this would be my go to delay plugin, ranking up there with Soundtoys Echo Boy. I quickly got started by flipping through a wide variety of presets to see what Repeater can do. Once I settled on a preset, I started tweaking all the different controls to hear how they transformed the sound. Repeater is truly an analog modeled unit, straight away I could hear how musically pleasing and warm the delays sounded. What I enjoyed just as much as the sound quality, is all the independent channel controls. I love that you can adjust the delay times, panning, and mix separately for both stereo channels. I was able to achieve some interesting effects with precision. Repeater also excels at sound enhancement, I got goosebumps after driving the ‘Color’ control to add saturation, and was very impressed with how smooth the filters sounded. I also got excited when hearing how the stereo effects affected the sound while playing with the ‘Spread’ switch and the ‘Phase Invert’ buttons. You can get some huge and wide sounding delays that add a new dimension to your mix. You can also drive the input hot to add extra power and musical distortion without clipping, which is a standout feature only few delay plugins offer.

I’m thoroughly impressed with this delay plugin and look forward to discovering new ways to sonically enhance various sounds. The incredible sound quality and potential creative possibilities of this delay plugin make it a must-have, and is certainly worth checking out. The D16 Group website offers demo versions for both Windows and Mac, so don’t ‘delay’ any longer and go download a copy to hear this bad boy in action for yourself.

Original Source - Dubspot.

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