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Virtual Beatmaker for Boom Bap, Hip Hop & Rap


Note: Each Customer is Eligible to Claim 1 x Copy of UJAM DOPE Only

(Offer ends 31st July 2019)

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The serial number you receive to obtain UJAM DOPE contains 'free' in the code which means it is an NFR (Not For Resale) Code. This means that your serial number cannot be resold.

A Virtual Beat Maker for the Serious Producer

Dusty Beats & Raw Sounds

UJAM DOPE is the all-in-one Beatmaker designed to bring you crunchy, hard-hitting, ready-to-use beats for your Boom Bap, Hip Hop,  and Rap productions. Combined with a powerful under-the-hood mixing console, it is the ultimate beat machine for bringing a unique sound to tracks.

Exclusive Feature: Vinyl Drive

Vinyl Drive emulates the iconic retro noise of a turntable & applies compression to give your sound dirt and punch.

Signature Sound Collection

Beatmaker Dope features a selection of carefully crafted drum kits and loads of matching grooves, integrated with professional mixing tools, ready whenever you need genre-authentic, great-sounding beats. Drum kits are professionally layered, compiled and mixed, but still with enough room for your own creativity and to give it your signature sound.

How to claim your FREE copy of UJAM DOPE

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