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Sugar Bytes are one of the leading software developers of exciting, unique VSTs with a touch of personality. With their latest release dubbed the ‘new specialist’ for drum sequencing, DrumComputer is no exception...

Best Feature

Randomisation Possibilities

DrumComputer features some very powerful randomising functionalities for achieving unique drum grooves. With each channel comes an individual randomise button, allowing you to randomise your kick, snare or synth or any other profile independently from one another. You can also completely randomise your whole groove by hitting the ‘Make Kit’ button, which immediately instantiates new sounds across all 8 of the sound engines, making DrumComputer an excellent choice when you’re searching for a spark of inspiration.

DrumComputer is a solid, professional-sounding drum machine with powerful features and FX that result in unique drum grooves, every time. The synthetic sound creation is excellent and the beat and sound randomization capabilities make this plugin nothing short of groundbreaking.

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