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iZotope Trash 2

Distort. Mangle. Transform.

Trash 2 is primed for a powerful new era of audio mangling, distortion, and experimentation. Let sonic mayhem ensue.

Key Features

  • Distort in ways you never dreamed with the Trash module’s 60+ distortion algorithms, perfect for transforming your sound into something never before heard
  • Design your own unique distortions, from massive to mild and everything in between, with a new, customizable, multiband Waveshaper
  • Let your tracks inhabit any space or object with the new Convolve module. Choose from over 100 impulse responses or load your own to put your bass in a washing machine or your keys in a cave
  • Find a new voice: make your audio speak and growl with two redesigned Filter modules, each one featuring new vowel formant filters, screaming peaks, node modulations, and more
  • Start trashing your audio immediately with an extensive new preset library and an ear-friendly Limiter that ensures you can play without fear


UJAM built CARBON because there was nothing like it – a virtual instrument creating versatile modern “sound-designed” guitar sounds in all kinds of music genres – from the super-quantized accents in electronic music to action-packed big riffs in game soundtracks to subtle vibes in movie scores.

Key Features

  • Organic, distorted and processed rhythm guitar sounds for electronic music, soundtrack,  rock and other contemporary music genres 
  • Instrument Mode lets you play a wide range of articulations on an amazing 8-string  guitar, Player Mode comes with inspiring riffs and phrases
  • Unique Layerer soundstage combining up to four guitarists for ultimate fatness
  • Finisher multi-effect rack combining 20 cutting-edge effect algorithms into 100 presets,  live-controlled or automated by one single knob

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