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Nordisk Kontrabass

Kontakt Instrument by Have Audio

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"It’s much more than a Bass Library. The GUI is easy to navigate and it sounds absolutely gorgeous."
. Film Composer (Wired Shut, Exposure, Bermuda City and music department in The Theory of Everything).
"I’m always on the lookout for unique and unusual string libraries and Nordisk Kontrabass fits the bill perfectly."
. Film & TV Composer.
"Nordisk Kontrabass is one of those instruments that carries inspiration with it."
. Film Composer and Keyboardist in the multi-Grammy award nominated band Underoath.

NORDISK KONTRABASS is a unique upright bass instrument designed for film composers and music producers looking for fresh and original sounds.

Superbly performed by a top creative player, Nordisk Kontrabass is great both as a fat, real-sounding upright bass and as a stand-alone compositional tool, capable of delivering beautiful and engaging string harmonies and textures, powerful rhythms and emotive melodies that will make your music stand out. 

It is influenced by the styles of composers and musicians who redefined film-scoring and contemporary music. References were Jóhann Jóhannson, Hildur Guðnadóttir, Max Richter, Arvo Pärt, most minimalistic music and contemporary European ECM-like improvised music.

The library features 100% playable, full range legato and pizzicato, lots of techniques and textures never sampled before and gives you tons of colour variations and articulations to set cinematic vibes in seconds. You can model new and surprising grooves by using the built-in arpeggiator or manipulate all the phrases and textures recorded for you to personalize them, changing the tempo, performing ritardando and accelerando in real-time, reversing, adding top-class effects and enter a new sound design realm by engaging the ICE knob.

Perfect for epic cues as well as intimate and fragile soundscapes to bring some of the most inspiring Scandinavian and European atmospheres into your compositions.


  • 14000+ samples

Mic Options:

  • Stereo MIC
  • DI

Built-in Effects and Controllers:

  • Arpeggiator
  • Selection of 9 top-class reverbs
  • Ice effect
  • Delay
  • Reverse
  • Warp (real-time controllable time-stretch)
  • Legato speed

Articulation and Preset List:


  • Full range Whales Legato and Phrases 
  • Glissando Whales 
  • Harmony of Whales 
  • Harmony of Whales 2 
  • Full range Pizzicato with 5 articulations/key switches (normal pizzicato, slides, harmonics, fret FX, Street Slap) 
  • Double stops pizzicato 
  • Thumb choked pizzicato 
  • Weird pizzicato 
  • Harmonics 
  • Natural harmonics 
  • Anjor 
  • Dirty tremolo 


  • Twisted pizzicato textures 
  • Wood body percussions 
  • Bow textures 
  • Low Engines 
  • Unusual Textures 
  • Rises 
  • Falls 
  • Pizzicato drone 1 
  • Pizzicato drone 2 
  • Pizzicato drone 3 

System Requirements

  • Requires full version of KONTAKT 5.6.8+
  • Approx. 16 GB free hard drive space
  • 8 GB of RAM or more is recommended

Important note: This instrument will not work in Kontakt Player.

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