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Hype: Future Sounds

Virtual Instrument by DopeSONIX

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There is a sound going around at the moment, in fact, it's been bouncing around for a while, occasionally threatening to break into the mainstream but ultimately retreating back to the underground. It's not Future Bass or EDM, it's not LoFi or Hip-Hop… it's somehow of all these things, all chopped up, side-chained, and then compressed into a sleazy electronic pulse.

The Hype: Future Sounds plug-in includes three hundred fresh patches and plus a variety of essential FX which will enable you to captures this LA Beats inspired sound without the need for a collection of analogue or VST synths.

Dilla Rhythm’s | Analog Vibes | EDM Techniques

Load up your computer, fire up your DAW, install Hype, add HUGE amounts of your favourite delay and reverb, play or program a dope MIDI section, put it on repeat and explore the huge variety of sounds Hype offers…enjoy!

  • 8 Bit - The classic sound of the golden era of mid-90’s computing. DopeSONIX has included a nice variety of Atari-esque leads, Gameboy style bleeps, retro pads, and more vintage console goodness.
  • Arps - A fine selection of short, punchy sounds and crystal clear tones that are perfect for arpeggio midi patterns and fast lead lines that will cut through any mix for any genre.
  • Bass - Here within the bass patches, you will find a sweet collection of dirty and quirky 808’s, deep sub-basses, and a whole host of atmospheric, analogue-inspired fatness.
  • Keys - You can't make this type of plug-in without including a versatile selection of contemporary club sounds and traditional analogue style vibes to fulfil all your sonic requirements
  • Leads - DopeSONIX has included an amazing collection of usable synth sounds including beefy Moog-ish tones, razor-sharp synths, and even gentle bells and plucks: perfect for any prominent lead line or counter melody.
  • Pads - Without a doubt, pads are the perfect space-filling yet subtle backdrop to any style of track. Warm delicate textures, ethereal harmonics and string-like ambience are all included here.
  • Vox - You know the modern vox sound! Chopped up male and female vocals, massively pitched, overly compressed, autotuned to death, and just perfect for that modern beats vibe.
  • Modern FX - To top off the patches DopeSONIX have included a huge, useful library of exciting risers, massive hits, huge drops, and devastating crashes.


  • 300 futuristic presets including leads, pads, keys, bass, vox and more
  • 100 key-labelled MIDI files for all styles including chord progressions, melodies and basslines
  • Built-in flexible pitch, pan, glide and gain controls
  • Includes a built-in analogue style reverb
  • Includes a built-in High/Low Pass Filter
  • Poly, mono and legato modes
  • Stereo output level meter
  • Full ADSR controls
  • Ultra-low CPU usage
  • Ultra-fast patch loading

System Requirements


  • OS X 10.4 and higher (MacOS 10.15 Catalina and MacOS 11.0.1 Big Sur now supported)
  • 1.1 GB disk space required
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Audio Units (AU) or VST DAW compatible host required (64-bit only)


  • Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10
  • 1.1GB disk space required
  • 2 GB RAM
  • VST compatible DAW host is required (32 or 64-bit)

Important Note: This software is NOT compatible with Pro-Tools!

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