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VirtualCZ Expansion Pack: FutureCZ

Expansion Packs by Plugin Boutique

Introducing the FutureCZ Expansion Pack for our Phase Distortion Synth - VirtualCZ

The FutureCZ is a collection of 64 expertly crafted presets for VirtualCZ which focuses on uncovering and showcasing the modern flavours of the retro-classic synth!

Delve into these presets and you'll find a colourful selection of fat basses, sweet leads and plucks, deep stabs as well as an array of emotive keys and pads for your harmonic needs. This forward-thinking pack also features a collection of underlying elements for your tracks such as drones, textures, motion sequences and FX.

Bring the digital goodness from the past to "the now" and shape your destination with the FutureCZ expansion pack!

Check out the audio demo to hear the presets in action.


  • 10x Bass
  • 2x Bells
  • 4x Drones
  • 3x FX
  • 6x Keys
  • 10x Leads
  • 4x Motions
  • 3x Pads
  • 6x Percussion
  • 5x Plucks
  • 9x Stabs
  • 2x Textures

System Requirements

  • The full version of VirtualCZ is required to run this expansion pack.

Important Note: Plugin Boutique's VirtualCZ Synthesiser is required to run this software!

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