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32-bit / 64-bit

ANALOG87 Series

FX Bundle by eaReckon

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"The Analog87 series belongs to the senior representatives of the “audio plugins jungle”. These plugins present themselves as beeing great sounding and flexible workhorses for the everyday studio routine, but they also allow more specific applications."
. - Electronic Music Producer
"These plugins are miracles in the world of digital audio processing. Not because they have fancy meters and/or realistic buttons, but especially because of how they work and what you can achieve with it. From subtile compression and EQ'ing to very aggressive pumping and eq-manipulation, the plugins from the ANALOG87 range are at home in all these scenarios and everything in between.''
. 15x Indaba award winning composer-pianist / multi-instrumentalistproducer / audio engineer
The ANALOG87 series features 6 widely acclaimed and awarded plug-ins. These have been designed and fine tuned "by human ears" and except for PR-EQUA87, you will not get a lot of visual feedback from them... just good sound.
They have been thought with this idea in mind: "your ears deserve trust"
Not too long ago, we were listening to our mixes with our eyes closed, trying to get the most information from our trained ears. We were not afraid of digital artefacts. No lights were blinking telling us how bad our equalization was and we were talking about how warm, smooth, punchy was the music and not how red, blue, and yellow it could be.
Of course as time progressed, our computers provided visual feedback, making it easier for us to find mistakes that would have previously taken 10 hours of repeated listening to detect. As musicians, we started to use both our eyes and ears to mix music, discovering how you interact with an effect can be almost as important as how it sounds. All of this is very subjective, though. During the development of the ANALOG87 series of plug-ins, sound has been the top priority and then, interfaces have been designed around the workflow of an old school engineer.
Of course some contemporary updates have been applied, making them much easier to use and saving you the inconvenience of climbing behind a console to plug cables into the back of a sidechain compressor.


  • Full set of dynamics and EQ plug-ins (sidechain compressor, sidechain gate/duck, 4 bands EQ, brickwall limiter and a full featured channel strip).
  • Smooth, analog-esque behaviour.
  • Bargain price


System Requirements

  • PC:
  • Operating system: Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 (32 or 64 bits)
  • Processor: Pentium IV or Athlon (minimum)
  • RAM: 1Gb (recommended)
  • Mac:
  • Operating system: Mac OSX (10.5 or later)
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo (minimum)
  • RAM: 1Gb (recommended)
  • This product is a set of 32/64 bit VST/AU plugins for Mac OSX and a set of 32/64 bit VST plugins for Windows.
  • A compatible VST host is required to load these plugins.


Available Interface Types

  • Windows: VST 32bit, VST 64bit
  • OSX: VST 32bit, VST 64bit, AU 32bit, AU 64bit

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