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Producer's Guide to Ozone 8

Video Courses by Producertech

Note: This course demonstrates Ozone 8 Advanced modules aswell as those within the Standard version. 

iZotope’s Ozone 8 is one of the most comprehensive software mastering suites currently available and has quickly become an essential plugin for producers. On this course by accomplished DJ producer and music educator Joshua Casper, you’ll acquire all the knowledge you need to be able to create your own professional-sounding masters with Ozone.

After introducing the basics and the mastering assistant, which uses machine learning to automatically create custom presets specifically tailored to your track, Joshua moves onto the learn features, EQ matching and using the references panel, so you’ll quickly get up to speed with the main operational features and already be able to start mastering your own material to a reasonable level. However, the tutorials then progress into a detailed exploration of each of Ozone 8’s modules, covering both modern and vintage types and providing more than a few demonstrations along the way.

In addition to working with Tonal Balance Control, iZotope’s included software for assisted track equalisation, Joshua discusses general and global parameters, dithering, codec previews, and even how to export your track. The course then concludes with a real-time track mastering session, showing 2 different examples of mastering, one with modern and one with vintage modules, to compare the techniques used on each process and resulting mastered sound.

As well as accessing the streamed tutorials, signing up to the course provides access to a download pack containing 10 additional presets for Ozone and the pre-mastered track from the videos, so you not only learn how to master with the software but also have extra materials for doing so. Check out the free sample modules from the course before signing up for an example of the tutorial content, which will enable your knowledge of Ozone and mastering to be fully realised!

Sample Module


Module 1 - Introduction

1. Lesson 1 - Intro

2. Lesson 2 - Global Controls

Module 2 - Mastering Made Easy

This is a close look at all the ways Ozone 8 helps you get in and get high-quality masters easily no matter your skill level. The Master Assistant, Learn Feature, Presets and Track Referencing can be found here.

1. Lesson 1 - Mastering Assistant

2. Lesson 2 - Presets

3. Lesson 3 - Learn Features

4. Lesson 4 - References

Module 3 - Modern Modules

In-depth clinical look at each modern module found in Ozone 8. Learn about every parameter and possibility for each. If you are looking to go to the next level, don't skip this section

1. Lesson 1 - EQ Basics

2. Lesson 2 - EQ Matching

3. Lesson 3 - Dynamic EQ

4. Lesson 4 - Dynamics

5. Lesson 5 - Exciter

6. Lesson 6 - Spectral Shaper

7. Lesson 7 - Imager

8. Lesson 8 - Maximiser

Module 4 - Vintage Modules

In-depth clinical look at each of the vintage modules found in Ozone 8. Learn about every parameter and possibility for each. If you are looking to go to the next level, don't skip this section.

1. Lesson 1 - Vintage EQ

2. Lesson 2 - Vintage Tape

3. Lesson 3 - Vintage Compressor

4. Lesson 4 - Vintage Limiter

Module 5 - Pro Tip

Learn how to and why you might want to load 3rd party VSTs inside Ozone 8's standalone app.

1. Using 3rd Party VSTs

Module 6 - Tonal Balance Control

Learn everything about this all-new feature that ships with Ozone 8 and Neutron 2. How to set your targets and hit them to get that perfect EQ curve! Here we will tackle using this in both the standalone app and in your DAW and talk about how these two approaches are different.

1. Lesson 1 - TBC Standalone

2. Lesson 2 - TBC in the DAW

Module 7 - Final Stages

This looks at the Codec Preview, Dithering and Exporting options.

1. Lesson 1 - Codec Preview

2. Lesson 2 - Dithering

3. Lesson 3 - Exporting

Module 8 - Mastering a Track

To bring this course to a close we will master a track, from start to finish, together twice! Once using a modern approach and the second time the vintage! The premaster for my song It's a Shame ft. Bulgarian reggae vocalist Irie Bear is available to download for all enrolled students to follow along at home.

1. Lesson 1 - Mastering with Modern Modules

2. Lesson 2 - Mastering with Vintage Modules


  • Nearly 3 hours of Mastering Tutorials
  • 2 Practical Mastering Examples
  • Included Track Premaster
  • 10 Bonus Ozone Presets

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