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Mainroom Techno Production in Live by Paul Maddox

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There's nothing like the energy of a massive crowd, dancing in sync to the hypnotic beats of main-room techno. Now you can jumpstart your techno-production journey with this course from awesome producer Paul Maddox. With numerous label releases and support from huge DJs including techno legend Richie Hawtin, you can trust Paul's wealth of experience as he takes you through the process of creating a huge, main-room track.

Starting with the drum groove, Paul creates the beats and bass utilising an ingenious technique to make the classic, rumbling techno bass sound. Next he demonstrates how to add ambience and a subtle rhythmic feature, before adding group effects. The following sections cover the melodic parts, including sequencing a modular-style, atonal lead, using M4L devices, macro-mapping and a big section on re-sampling.

Available immediately after purchase, the lessons come with 150MB of bonus techno samples, courtesy of Loopmasters, giving you the tools to add exciting sounds to your own productions, as well as the Live set from the course.

Kick and Bass

In the first module, Maddox creates the kick by layering and editing samples, before using pitched percussion to create the classic, rumbling techno bass.

Percussion and FX

Next, Maddox sequences the hihats and claps, before setting up an audio effects rack, complete with spacial FX, enabling easy creation of awesome transitions in real time.

Atmosphere and Texture

Using an inventive technique, Maddox takes a TV atmosphere sample, slices it up then creates a random sequence, before altering the ADSR envelope to create a rhythmic feature, controlled by an LFO.

Drum Group Processing

In the final drum production section, Maddox takes you through the group processing, demonstrating parallel processing chains, the glue compressor and distortion effects.

Sequencing a Modular-Style Lead

Turning to the melodic parts, Maddox creates a retro-sounding monosynth patch. Using a Max 4 Live object, he then uses a step sequencer to create an atonal pattern, connecting the M4L device and Analog plugin to alter the tuning and create interesting sequences.

Lead Shaping and Processing

Continuing with the Lead sound, Maddox edits the filters, alters the ADSR envelope and adds multiple effects that take the production to the next level.

Macro Mapping

In this module, Maddox shows how to create instrument racks and map effects to macro controls. Using these user-friendly mappings, Maddox then creates wide reverb, ping-pong delay and pitch automation.

Synthesizing and Sampling - Creating a Vinyl Stab

Beginning by combining a layered piano and pad with some vinyl textures, Maddox then shows how to sample a played chord, to create your own realistic recorded vinyl sample, which is then sequenced to form a classic techno stab phrase.

Advanced Lead Processing

In this module, Paul takes the resampled lead part and uses a number of Live's devices, racks and Max for Live presets, to create modulating, spacial effects and atmosphere.

Making a Pad

This last main module shows how to use a different part of the same sample to make a lush pad sound, which is then sequenced, processed and added to the stab part, for extra melodic accompaniment.

Arrangement Tips

This final bonus module runs you through some tips for how to arrange and automate the parts created in the course to create classic builds and drops.

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