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House Production in Logic Pro by Andy Lee

Video Courses by Producertech

Producertech Presents a great course for anyone wanting to know how to make house in Logic, brought to you by Andy Lee - a professional producer and creator of numerous award-winning sample packs on Loopmasters.

In this course, Andy takes you through each of the main stages of making a track, from the initial groove creation, right through to processing and bouncing the final master.

In addition to the lessons, the course also comes with the Logic Projects made in the lessons, some written tips and tricks and a large bonus pack of loops and samples.

Module Details

Module 1: Creating the Groove

Provides a thorough guide to creating a house groove, by placing individual audio samples in the arrangement, creating EXS drum presets and sequencing them, slicing and editing apple loops, adding vocal sounds and much more. There are also some tips on how to start processing and mixing some of the parts.

Module 2: Mixing Part 1

This lesson focuses on how to mix the various parts in the groove, starting with the bassline, which has distortion and equalisation added. Then, there is a thorough guide to the compressor effect, showing how to use it in all of its modes, in order to achieve effects like transient shaping, frequency-dependent compression, New York compression, drum bus and sidechain compression.

Module 3: Mixing Part 2

This next part on mixing looks at how to create a 3-dimensional space for a mix, beginning with panning techniques, then moving on to sample delay, spreading effects and then reverb. Several reverb aux tracks are created, including a short plate reverb and a longer platinum reverb. There are also some useful tips for how to combine reverb and EQ in order to position parts in the mix.

Module 4: Automation and Arrangement

This lesson looks at how to use automation to add effects sweeps to tracks, so that more space and atmospheric changes can be created in the arrangement, as well as various parts developed. Then there is a guide to how to turn a groove into a full track, showing how to make an intro and create variations and breaks. Additional parts and further automation are then added to provide extra interest and excitement.

Module 5: Mastering

After creating a stereo bounce of the track, the lesson provides an excellent guide to how to make a quality basic master file, first showing how to EQ the mix with Logic's linear phase EQ effect. Then, offering some very useful tips for how to separate and then process the mono and stereo information in the mix, in order to have proper control over the width and different frequency components of the mastered file.

Module 6: Kick Drum Masterclass

This last lesson is a bonus module showing how to create your own quality kick drums. Multiple drum samples are combined, edited and mixed. Then, Ultrabeat is used to add more low frequency tonal elements to the drum. All three tracks are then processed with overdrive and limiting, and delays are added to the different drum tracks to add extra character to the final combined sound.

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