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Jody Wisternoff Progressive And Tech - Sylenth Presets

Synth Presets by Loopmasters

Important note: This Soft Synth Preset Expansion Pack requires the full version of Lennar Digital's Sylenth.

Patchworx from Loopmasters is a new concept which presents fresh and exclusive collections of hand crafted patches for the most popular soft synths, direct from the studios of our best producers and artist contacts. Each title includes 64 custom made patches and also comes with 64 ready to edit midi files from the pack's creators.

Patchworx 01 - Progressive House & Tech for Sylenth, is a collection of Bass, Drums, Lead, Stabs, Pads and Strings for Lennar Digitals famous Sylenth soft synth - and has been put together by none other than one half of Way Out West - Jody Wisternoff.

Jody Wisternoff's influence and contribution to dance music cannot be overstated. His early 90's act Sub Love was one of the largest draws on the UK Rave festival circuit and his hook up with Bristol DJ Nick Warren in 1994 gave us the aforementioned Way Out West. His quest for the perfect beat and bass line, the need to layer the best string, to squeeze the perfect note from the technology available, and to match the best track for the best moment at the right party made him a perfect choice to work with on this project.

In detail, producers should expect to find here a great selection of patches which are designed to complement Progressive House, Tech House and Electro, but will, of course, work well for other styles also.

The 64 Sylenth Patches included in this pack are comprised of 10 Bass Patches, 2 Clap Patches, 5 Hat Patches, 3 Kick Patches, 10 Lead Patches, 10 Pad Patches, 3 Snare Patches, 10 Stab Patches, 10 String Patches, 1 Tom Patch - and 64 MIDI Files.

The Patchworx series are brought to you by Loopmasters and are a creative resource for producers who are looking to produce and perform their own musical parts, using genre specific sounds which have been designed by experts in their genre.

Create, Inspire and Perform with Patchworx – sound ammunition for your next production!


  • 1 Sylenth Bank File
  • 64 Sylenth Single Presets
  • 64 MIDI Files
  • 10 Bass Presets
  • 2 Clap Presets
  • 5 Hi-Hat Presets
  • 3 Kick Drum Presets
  • 3 Snare Presets
  • 1 Tom Presets
  • 10 Lead Synth Presets
  • 10 Pad Presets
  • 10 Stab Synth Presets
  • 10 String Presets

MIDI Includes:

  • 10 Bass
  • 2 Clap
  • 5 Hi-Hat
  • 3 Kick Drum
  • 3 Snare
  • 1 Tom
  • 10 Lead Synth
  • 10 Pad
  • 10 Stab Synth
  • 10 String

System Requirements 

  • Sylenth from Lennar Digital

Important note: Lennar Digital's Sylenth (latest version) is required to run the full contents of this software.

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