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Virtual Instrument by DopeSONIX

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When DopeSONIX first started the process of making LoFi they asked themselves one question. Why has no one really made a VST instrument dedicated to this type of sound before? Sure, there are plenty of fantastic VST’s with plenty of amazing presets but in reality, you would have to dig through thousands of shiny EDM orientated patches to find the obscure gritty gems. If you looking to create Old School  Hip Hop, Chill Hop, Movie Soundtrack, Ambient and Electronica or just need to add some warmth and atmosphere to any track that sounds just too digital, then LoFi is the perfect choice.

A World of Atmosphere

With LoFi we have decided to create an easy to use yet versatile plug-in that will enable you to achieve a similar sort of sound influenced by artists ranging from Boards of Canada and Burial to Clams Casino and Brian Eno. You will find over 200 dirty, atmospheric and sometimes beautiful instruments all lovingly mangled, re-sampled and processed through an MPC60 MKII, a Fostex M80 Reel to Reel and various analog outboard effects to nail that cool LoFi vibe.

12 Bit

To obtain that classic, LoFi vintage sound, its not necessarily the instruments or samples that creates the overall vibe but the way they were recorded or processed afterwards. A pristine, lifeless piano once recorded into a 12Bit MPC, treated with a touch of dirty reverb, lush tape delay then saturated with a vintage pre-amp soon takes on a character of its own. This collection of sampled and re-pitched pads, real world recordings, chopped vocals and quirky leads will sure to inspire your own creations.

The first 50 presets are devoted strictly to the grimey sound of the Akai MPC 60 MKII, famous for its full bodied mid tones, coloured saturation and narrow 40khz range.


When recording entered the digital age and virtual instruments were introduced it seemed as though traditional analog synths would be deemed surplus to requirements. No more having to patch leads in, the cost difference, easier to recall past sessions, preset patch management and a many more benefits but…twenty years later we’ve realised that the full bodied sound, almost 3D presence and unmistakable warmth of analog devices just can’t be recreated in the digital domain (so far). With this in mind, we have taken a collection of weird analog sounds and processed them with plenty of dusty atmosphere and unique character.

The second 50 presets represent just some of the huge range of analog and acoustic sounds possible from a variety of vintage synths, home made tone generators and recorded sounds.


Even with the many good (and bad) tape emulation plug-ins available to producers, you just can’t beat the real sound of tape. Whether its a well maintained Reel to Reel, an old school tape deck or even a worn out VHS recorder, the unavoidable hiss, subtle wow/flutter and all round dopeness is a blessing in today’s digital world. We have hopefully succeeded in bringing you a collection of awesome instruments perfect for any producer of LoFi Hip Hop, Chill Hop, Ambient even Dnb and Electronica!.

The next 50 fantastic presets includes everything from old cinematic strings and outer world textures to haunting leads and grungy pads.


It seems, regardless of the new digital formats hardware companies thrust upon us, vinyl will just not go away. In fact, year on year vinyl’s popularity is growing and that’s down to one main reason. The sound of vinyl is in our opinion, unbeatable. We believe its the combination of the dusty crackles, imperfect playback, limited yet strangely full audio range and the hard to describe feel you get when the needle goes down into the groove.

The final 50 presets include chopped style samples, crackly synths, warped vocals, mysterious leads all coated in atmospheric dust and vinyl noise.


  • 200  LoFi / Chill Hop / Ambient / Electronica inspired instruments.
  • Treated with a variety of cool, vintage analog equipment
  • Built-in pitch, pan, glide and volume controls
  • Built-in classic-sounding reverb
  • Built-in flexible ADSR controls
  • Built-in Hi & Lo pass filter
  • Mono, Poly and Legato modes.
  • Soft, Normal and Hard velocity modes.
  • Ultra-low CPU usage [perfect if you own a laptop/tablet / low spec PC/MAC]
  • Ultra-fast patch loading [flick through patches in lightening quick times]
  • Program your melodies manually or use a MIDI/USB controller/keyboard/MPD

System Requirements


  • OS X 10.4 - 10.15 (MacOS 10.15 Catalina is now supported)
  • 457Mb Disk Space
  • 2Gb Ram
  • AU or VST host (64-bit only)


  • Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10
  • 457Mb Disk Space
  • 1Gb Ram
  • VST host (32bit or 64bit)

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