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Synth by Virtual Analogy

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You can use sounds of other instruments although you don't own them! Paraphrasis is an open source spectral modelling synthesiser which can model any sound only with one sonic sample. It is something between sampler and modelling synthesiser. You do not have to sample all tones of instrument neither you have to spend time with messing with other synthesisers. Just load a sample to Paraphrasis and enjoy your paraphrased instrument!


Only two parameters are needed:

1) Frequency pitch of a sample.

2) Frequency resolution of spectral analysis (it is automatically set to 80% of pitch).

  • Paraphrasis has a 16 voice polyphony and has a "Reverse" option to analyse the sample backward so it is synthesised reversed as well.

System Requirements

  • Starting OSX 10.7 Paraphrasis should run on any Audio Unit host.