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Kratos 2 Maximizer

Dynamic Processor by Kuassa

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These plugins are great. I've been using them on a bunch of films already.
. is a composer for motion picture, TV and video games, known for films such as Guardians of the Galaxy, Watchmen, Black Mass and many more.
Handy controls of Kratos Maximizer quickly become my choice when it comes to polishing a newly produced track.
. is a well known name in Indonesia’s house music scene since the Parkit era in the 90’s, blending a mixture of house, R’nB, Funk, and Acid.
We love Kuassa plugins, especially the great Kratos Maximizer. it help us to polishing the sound more efficiently.
. is a music & sound development studio for game. Their music and sound are designed specifically to enhance your game and deliver the best experience possible.

Loud and Clear

  • New version of Kuassa’s ooh-so-handy limiter / loudness maximizer plugin
  • Make your Mix and Master LOUD transparently without sacrificing punch and sound quality
  • Featuring the new Adaptive Mode, dithering section, up to 4x oversampling, LatencyCompensation, and redesigned graphics

The latest update of Kuassa’s ooh-so-handy limiter / loudness maximizer plugin: Kratos 2 Maximizer, featuring the new Adaptive Mode for Attack and Release parameters, dithering section, up to 4x oversampling, Latency Compensation toggle, and completely redesigned graphics. In addition, the new Kratos 2 Maximizer is now extending its reach to accommodate Propellerhead Reason as well as the Avid Pro Tools users with the support for AAX plug-ins.

The original Kratos Maximizer VST / AU plugin serves its sole purpose to simply make your mix music LOUD right at your fingertips. Now you can polish your final mix further into perfection while still preserving the familiar solid workflow of the Kuassa plugin to safely increase perceived loudness without sacrificing sound quality in music audio mastering in the most natural way possible: Crank the Maximize knob, tune the unique Texture knob to taste, tweak Attack and Release for a tighter or looser response, then adjust the Knee for harder / smoother limiting action.

Key Features:

  • Transparent, precision limiting / loudness maximizing
  • Unique Texture knob for smooth or harder character
  • Attack and Release parameter with the new adaptive option
  • Latency Compensation toggle, supported by most DAW
  • 3 dithering options with 3 modes of bit depth to accommodate a wide range of mastering needs
  • Up to 4x oversampling mode
  • Compact user interface, straightforward workflow
  • Support up to 96 kHz Sample Rate

System Requirements:

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, or Later (64-bit only)
  • Mac OS 10.5 or later (64-bit only)
  • VST, VST3, Audio Units or AAX compatible Host Software
  • Now compatible with macOS Catalina & Big Sur

Please note that this product is a plugin, a VST/VST3/AU/AAX compatible host/sequencer is needed to run this software

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