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Future House and EDM Production in Ableton Live

Video Courses by Producertech

From the clubs and parties of Europe to huge festivals in the USA, Future House and EDM has exploded in popularity in recent years. With this course from Producertech tutor Defazed, you can learn all the tips and tricks needed to create your own Future House anthems.

In the course, Defazed begins by analysing some of the key elements of the future house sound, including swinging drums, euphoric breakdowns, and big, metallic basslines. He then proceeds to guide you through the creation of all the key elements, from making beats in drum racks to a host of sound design tips using popular synth Native Instruments Massive. When all the elements are in place, Defazed then proceeds to create a structured arrangement, with tense builds and crushing drops designed to set the dancefloor alight. The course then concludes with tips on creating a clean, powerful mix.

The course is available to stream immediately after purchase, and is available 24/7/365. Accompanying the course are 100MB of Future House samples, courtesy of Loopmasters, and 10 free Massive patches. The course also comes with a Live template, giving you a solid platform to kickstart your own productions. Be sure to also check out Defazed's Future House and EDM Massive preset pack.

Please note: A copy of Native Instruments Massive is highly recommended for this course!

Sample Module:

Module 1 - Introduction and Analysis of Future House

Defazed starts the course with a look at the characteristics of the future house subgenre, such as the tempo, and timbre of bass and lead sounds.

Module 2 - The Drums

This module looks at programming a beat from scratch using Ableton’s drum racks, including tips on adding groove to get the signature swinging sound.

Module 3 - Creating the Bass Patches Part 1

In this lesson, Defazed talks through some of his sound design techniques in Native Instruments Massive synth. There’s also some tips on processing, including sidechaining.

Module 4 - Creating the Bass Patches Part 1

Continuing on from the previous module, Defazed shows how to build a new future house bass patch from scratch in Massive, contrasting with the original bass.

Module 5 - Writing a Bass Hook for the 2nd Drop

This video takes a look at combining the 2 bass sounds to create a new hook, with extra fills and automation to create interesting variations.

Module 6 - Creating and Writing Melodic Parts

Defazed adds a chord stab and a new lead part, ensuring that they fit melodically with the existing bassline. He also shows how to use Ableton’s arpeggiator to create more varied lead parts.

Module 7 - The Main Breakdown and Build Up

This module teaches tips and tricks on structuring build ups and breakdowns, including tips on automating FX and macros on NI Massive.

Module 8 - Intro, Outro and FX

This lesson looks at structuring both the intro and the outro of the track, adding appropriate atmospheres and FX and ensuring the track is DJ-friendly.

Module 9 - Final Mix and Mastering

The course concludes with some tips on group processing, including parallel compression and saturation, all used to create a clean, powerful mix.


  • Streamed videos available directly after purchase
  • Accessible 24/7/365
  • 3 hours of tutorials
  • Completed Live Template project
  • 200MB of bonus samples
  • 10 bonus NI Massive presets

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