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Deadmau5 XFER

Sample Packs by Loopmasters

"Very inspiring to build stuff around and capture some of that Deadmau5 magic!"
TeeBee. Torgeir Byrknes, better known by his stage name Teebee, is a Norwegian disc jockey and producer of drum and bass. He also runs the record label Subtitles Recordings.
John flemming
"Very impressed with this package!"
John '00' Flemming. John Fleming is an English trance producer and DJ from Worthing, West Sussex and has had releases on record labels such as Ministry of Sound, Deconstruction Records, Logic Records, and 3 Beat Music.
"I especially liked the bass lines & FX provided!"
ils. Ils is an English musician and producer, who has released records on labels including Marine Parade and Distinct'ive Records.

Note: This sample collection is available for instant download on purchase.

Xfer Records is a label started by Deadmau5 and his longtime friend and studio accomplice Steve Duda for their collaborations, such as BSOD, and WTF? with Tommy Lee and DJ Aero.

Their latest CD offering is not a music CD, but rather a sample CD-ROM for music producers, featuring a plethora of WAV loops and one-shots, ready to be loaded in to any popular music-making software.

An extensive amount of gear was used for the CD-including circuit-bent and analogue drum machines, vintage analogue synths such as Moog and Arp, original acoustic drums and other sounds recorded in various professional studios. A variety of digital sound sources were used as well for creating new sounds, such as FFT synthesis, additive/subtractive synthesis, even custom DSP routines coded by Steve Duda in C++.

"Despite the large amount of sample CDs out there, we saw a niche for one geared towards building blocks of EDM with a twist - this one is royalty-free, so it can be used in original productions with no fear of legal repercussions from the original artists who often are sampled on other CD libraries", says Steve. "We tried to make an assortment featuring a variety of sound sources, which aren't overproduced so they can fit into a production workflow without stamping their own flavour on a mix and being overly-recognisable".

One thing for certain, the sounds of the XFER Sample CD will be featured on dance tracks for decades to come.


  • Composed and engineered by Duda and the mau5 themselves.
  • Over 500 Mb of Sample Content
  • 16 Bit Quality
  • 336 Loops
  • 425 Kick Drums
  • 229 Clap sounds
  • 1500+ percussive sounds
  • 322 Hi-hats
  • 158 Snare drums
  • 100+ Cymbal and Cymbal-effect sounds
  • 227 synth/tonal sounds
  • 336 Bonus Rex Loops (Download Only)

Notes: This sample collection is a downloadable item when purchased

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