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Cinerobotic FX

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Loopmasters present Cinerobotic – a mean, metallic collection of robotic FX and hydraulic impacts to add an air of Cinemania to your productions. These intergalactic sounds are provided 100% royalty free and ready to deploy for a musical clone war of epic proportions!  

Cinerobotic features over 800 individual sounds to lay down as hits, atmospheres and after effects with a vast combination of high-fidelity drones, glitches and foley recordings to cut through the mix. Included in the collection are Alerts, Calibrations, Movements, Fighting Bots, Footsteps, Frictions, Droid Bleeps, Mechanicals, Hydraulics, Weapons, Impacts, Stutters, Shutdowns, Startups and Transformers – enough sounds to take you from R2D2 to Optimus Prime and every cyborg in between! 

Using a range of production techniques, the Loopmasters team have created a monster droid of sounds from huge impacts to delicate mechanics. Expect to hear some of the most twisted and contorted FX hits, using natural sounds, digitally processed with evil outboard FX – in preparation for your incoming robot apocalypse!

This explosive collection of android sounds are perfect for anyone producing TV, Film and Games – in addition to being expert artillery for Dubstep, Neuro Drum and Bass, Future Breaks and other industrial-sounding genres. 

In detail expect to find 658 MB of content with 875 individual 24 Bit WAV files. There are 37 Alerts & Response & Calibration & Maintenance, 65 Bot Movements, 12 Dying Robots, 37 Fighting Bots, 155 Foley Sounds, 28 Footsteps, 30 Frictional Sounds, 18 Large Servos, 56 Little Droid Bleeps, 28 Robocutz, 10 Robodrones, 30 Robomechanicals, 10 Robospheres, 52 Robot Hydraulics, 27 Robot Innards, 34 Robot Weapons, 20 Glitches, 25 Impacts, 8 Stutters, 63 RoboWooshes, 38 Shutdowns, 26 Smashing Robots, 31 Startups and 35 Transforming Layers. 27 sampler patches are included for NNXT, Halion, Sfz, Exs24 and Kontakt. 

Cinerobotic is a high-pressure collection of robotic sounds for cinematic producers and sound engineers of the future. Check out the demos above and get your hands on the free taster pack!


  • 658 MB
  • 24Bit 44.1KHZ
  • 155 Foley
  • 65 Bot Movements
  • 63 RoboWooshes
  • 56 Little Droid Bleeps
  • 52 Robot Hydraulics
  • 38 Shutdowns
  • 37 Fighting Bots
  • 35 Transforming Layers
  • 34 Robot Weapons
  • 31 Startups
  • 30 Frictional
  • 30 RoboMechanicals
  • 28 Footsteps
  • 28 Robocutz
  • 27 Robot Innards
  • 26 Smashing Robots
  • 25 Robotic Impacts
  • 20 Alerts & Calibration
  • 20 Robotic Glitches
  • 18 Large Servos
  • 17 Maintenance & Response
  • 12 Dying Robots
  • 10 Robodrones
  • 10 Robospheres
  • 8 Robotic Stutters
  • 27 Soft Sampler Patches

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