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Cabal 8: Elements Bundle

Kontakt Instrument by Wavelet Audio

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Bring 8-String Power to Your Production

Meet the Cabal 8: Elements Bundle — your ready-to-use ultimate guitar solution.

The Cabal 8: Elements Bundle is part of the Cabal 8 Full library. The new breed of virtual guitar instruments is here!

The Cabal 8: Elements Bundle includes fully released Hi-Gain, Crunch and Cinematic guitars to start the process quickly and easily right from scratch. These guitars play Wavelet Audio's signature sound using already processed signal with our FX chains. These samples are very convenient for fast work allowing you to get the desired result easily and without the use of third-party tools or plugins. Save time and immerse yourself into a fully inspiring workflow with ready to use instruments.

Cabal 8: Cinematic

Cabal 8: Cinematic contains atmospheric and soft semi-acoustic guitar that can be used for all forms of music production. Designed for use in scores, TV and game music, it's especially suited to ambient, atmospheric, soft, and indie style scores. Also, Cabal 8: Cinematic is an ideal tool to add atmospheric and evocative beds to any style of music.

Wavelet Audio took an 8-string electric guitar, plugged it through multiple effects chains and re-recorded its lush sound. They then used post-recording effects and manipulation to bring out the atmospheric cinematic character. Wavelet Audio also added our signature presets with this guitar for two amazing reverb plugins - Blackhole and Sparkverb, so dive in deep with Cinematic Guitars!

Cabal 8: Crunch

Cabal 8: Crunch is the first chapter in Cabal 8: Elements series. There is no need to spend time on guitar processing and no need to use any third-party tools. Just drag and drop the instrument into Kontakt to get powerful crunch sound of 8-string guitar.

Cabal 8: Hi-Gain

Fully released, ready-to-use, distorted guitar to start the process quickly and easily right from scratch. These samples allow you to get the desired result without using third-party tools or plugins.


  • Over 9800 hand-edited samples in 48 kHz / 24-bit.
  • 6 primary articulations (Sustain, Palm Mute, Short Palm Mute, Harmonics, X-Note, Tappings) and 2 additional articulations (FX Sustain, FX Palm mute)
  • Up / down picking
  • 8 Round Robins per note
  • 3 guitars: Hi-Gain, Crunch, Cinematic
  • MIDI included
  • Blackhole and Sparkverb reverbs presets included (Cabal 8: Cinematic only)

System Requirements

  • The FULL version of Kontakt 5.7.3 or higher
  • 7 GB of hard drive space

Important Note: The full version of Kontakt 5.7.3 or higher is required in order to use this software.

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