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BOCS Bundle

Kontakt Instrument by Loot Audio

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Boards of Canada Synthesis

BOCS (Boards Of Canada Synthesis) is a Kontakt library inspired by the electronic duo Boards of Canada. It's refreshingly different compared to previous efforts from various sample packs and vst synths. Contains all three revered BOCS Volumes in one bargain-priced bundle - totalling 55 patches which can be blended, morphed and modulated to your taste. These wav files are open for you to use in other applications.

Sampling Secrets

These sounds have been created using similar sampling and recorded methods utilised by the group themselves. Vintage analogue synths, 4-tracks, valve amps even VHS recorders were used to create samples more authentic than anything that has been heard before. These sounds have a dirty, dusty, and dreamlike quality just like that elusive Boards of Canada sound.


All 55 sample banks each fit into two sound modules within the Kontakt GUI which consist of a patch blend option. Drop the volume on module 2 and use these samples as fantastic sounding individual patches. Combine any two of the ten different sample sounds and change settings such as volume, attack, release or perhaps add a high or low pass filter. With this awesome blend functionality, you have the ability to create a vast array of new sounds tailored to your individual needs.

Filter Modulation

Use the modulation controls to change any parameter over time. Do you want a long silky filter sweep? you got it. Want to control the amount of oscillating micro tuning? Done. You just want those vintage analogue synths moving and panning in some crazy manner whilst you control the oscillation speed in real-time? Got it covered! 

System Requirements

Important Notes:

  • The FULL Version of Kontakt 5.3.1+ is required in order to use this instrument.
  • You will be stuck in DEMO MODE if trying to use this instrument in the FREE Kontakt Player.

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