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Keepforest Ultimate Bundle

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The Keepforest Ultimate Bundle is a complete library of high-quality Kontakt Instruments and sample packs, specifically engineered for creating cinematic trailer music.

This bundle contains 7 expertly crafted Kontakt instruments from the AizerX, Vikings and Evolution product ranges as well as 2 sample packs. 

AizerX - Hybrid Cyberpunk Toolkit

AizerX Hybrid Cyberpunk Toolkit is the latest addition to Keepforest's successful AizerX series. Inspired by the atmosphere of the cyberpunk world, this new library offers a lot of character and personality with a cinematic futuristic vibe that perfectly captures the philosophy of the genre.

AizerX Hybrid Cyberpunk Toolkit offers the signature sound randomizing feature, delivers a deep library of samples from classic braams, trailer hits, signals, alarms to screaming resonators and distortions.

The centrepiece of the AizerX Hybrid Cyberpunk Toolkit is a selection of tempo-synced drum loops, hybrid pulses, and stems of different categories. You can create variations of energetic, dynamic drum and pulse patterns at different tempos, varying among themselves and combining individual sound layers.


Sound FX:

  • 382 Global Layers
  • 85 Trailer Hits
  • 41 Wild Resonators & Benders
  • 38 Distortions
  • 62 Braams
  • 58 Downers
  • 31 Benders
  • 33 Tonal & Ambience
  • 22 Signals
  • 12 Alarms
  • 13 Reversed FXs
  • 28 Kicks
  • 17 Boom Hits

Learn more about AizerX - Hybrid Cyberpunk Toolkit.

AizerX - Classic Trailer Toolkit

The AizerX Classic Trailers Toolkit is the newest product from Keepforest studio, based on the original AizerX engine with improved functionalities. Continue with the outstanding smart samples randomization for creating unique and authentic sound effects. 

The AizerX Classic Trailers Toolkit becomes more and more flexible, handy and effective in terms of creating custom sounds elements, universally applicable for hybrid, epic trailer music, film scores, and all other kinds of music, depending on your imagination and creativity. The AizerX Classic Trailers Toolkit contains a completely fresh massive collection of hand-crafted high-quality sound effects, created by the Keepforest team, a new wonderful sounding AizerX synth with presets, including pads, piano, basses, plucks, keys, etc., and other instruments waiting to be explored.

AizerX Classic Trailers Toolkit is one of the best and versatile tools for creating impressive, pro-level sound effects for the trailer industry.


  • 39 Trailer Whooshes
  • 42 Trailer Hits
  • 29 Hybrid Whooshes
  • 30 Hybrid Hits
  • 51 Organic Whooshes
  • 53 Organic Hits
  • 65 Whooshes
  • 37 Braams
  • 26 Sub Tails
  • 20 Kicks
  • 48 Crackle Snares and Claps
  • 48 Suckbacks
  • 35 Downers
  • 35 Risers
  • 12 Stutters
  • 64 Benders
  • 90 Sub benders
  • 113 Elements
  • 23 Trailer Pianos
  • 56 Resonators
  • 11 Badass Intro Kits
  • 12 Tension Build-Up Kits
  • 7 Downfall Kits
  • 8 Loop Categories (Drums, Percussions, Pulses, etc.)

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AizerX - Modern Designer Toolkit

Unlike the AizerX Trailer SFX Designer Toolkit, which is mainly designed for the hybrid movie or game trailers, AizerX Modern Designer Toolkit delivers a collection of stylish, ultra-modern custom sound effects for the latest trending modern music genres at the moment based on a thorough music market trend research of the latest.

AizerX Modern Designer Toolkit is the second new product from Keepforest based on the new original, innovative, progressive AizerX engine with morphing-crossfade X-Y pad and unlimited sounds randomization possibility, developed by Keepforest’s team of professional sound designers and composers with a massive experience in sound design and production.

AizerX Modern Designer Toolkit is the best tool for composers for creating impressive, pro-level sound effects without having much experience in sound design.

  • Brand-new powerful sound design engines
  • Unlimited high-quality sound design random possibilities


  • 10 Trailer Hip-Hop, Trap Kits
  • 10 Trailer Drive Rock kits
  • 10 Modern Hybrid Kits
  • 16 Modern Trailer Sub Hits
  • 103 Modern Trailer Hits
    • 60 Hybrid Hits Full
    • 43 Hybrid Hits + Whooshes
  • 38 Slow Motion Hits
  • 19 Tonal Hits
  • 15 Sub Tonal Hits
  • 19 Distortion Basses
  • 28 Braams
  • 24 Signals
  • 14 Risers
  • 10 Mid Bender Sound Design Elements
  • 68 Sub Benders
    • 4 Distortion Layers
    • 9 High Layers
    • 15 Low Layers
    • 14 Mid Layers
    • 6 Noise Layers
    • 12 Pre-Whoosh Layers
  • 34 Sub Full
    • 26 Distortion Basses
    • 8 Sub Benders
  • 13 Downers

Learn more about AizerX - Modern Designer Toolkit.

AizerX - Trailer SFX Designer Toolkit

AizerX SFX Designer Toolkit is coming back with a big update. Completely reimagined version of AizerX SFX Designer Toolkit that will help you enjoy your experience even more.

The main feature of AizerX SFX Designer Toolkit is the sample randomization for creating absolutely unique and authentic sound effects with just one click, thanks to the fully customisable hybrid custom sound effects designed by Keepforest, including braaams, whooshes, benders, alarms, signals, downers, risers, motions, noises, booms, hits.

Like all the previous releases, the Keepforest team put their heart and soul to create impressive Hollywood-level sound effects for your projects from the recording of source materials to the finished product to make sure that music composers from all over the world will have in their hands a cinematic sound library of the highest quality. 


Sound Design Elements (48 Playable Patches & 1723 Wav Samples)

522 Hits & Elements

  • 29 Trailer Hits
  • 47 Organic Classic Hits
  • 16 Organic Soft Hits
  • 43 Hybrid Hits
  • 27 Short Hits
  • 37 Punch + Tail
  • 39 Kicks
  • 61 Booms
  • 28 Body Booms
  • 47 ReverbTails
  • 54 RR Reverb Tails 2
  • 47 Transients
  • 47 Transients 2

228 Whooshes

  • 32 Trailer Whooshes
  • 43 Organic Whooshes
  • 42 Organic Whooshes Part 2
  • 51 Modern Whooshes
  • 37 Hybrid Whooshes

278 Transitions

  • 29 Organic
  • 49 Metal
  • 6 Electric
  • 32 Impact
  • 28 Insect
  • 48 Motion Part 1
  • 47 Motion Part 2
  • 8 Voicy
  • 31 Other

141 Braams

  • 41 Distorted
  • 41 Distorted Part 2
  • 12 Hybrid
  • 20 Specific
  • 27 Tense & Horror

432 Signals

  • 39 String FX
  • 37 Signals & Pings
  • 37 Signals & Pings 2
  • 41 Signals & Pings 3
  • 60 Signature
  • 15 Ambient Tails
  • 40 Atmospheric Part 1
  • 39 Atmospheric Part 2
  • 27 Guitar
  • 37 Specific 1
  • 37 Specific 2
  • 23 Specific 3

122 Downers

  • 21 High Downers Layers
  • 48 Low Downers Layers
  • 19 Mid Downers Layers
  • 34 Specific Downers Layers

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Vikings: Cinematic Hybrid Punk Folk

Keepforest Vikings is inspired by the Scandinavian world and mythology, which have always had an important place in the movie industry, the vibe of which can be heard in Guy Ritchie’s masterpiece 'King Arthur' or in the extremely successful 'Game of Thrones'.

With the participation of professional musicians, sound designers, sound engineers, Keepforest recorded strings, percussions, guitars, basses and literally played and experimented in the world of sounds, creating the library’s uniqueness and signature. The library guarantees to bring instant mighty and massive sounds of the Viking Age to your composition by offering a huge number of organic sound design elements like rolls, hits, braams, benders, punches, trailers hit kits and more to explore.

The main features of the Vikings library are the ingenious exclusive pulse designer, the great and intuitive GUI, the powerful and versatile effect rack and a massive collection of customizable stems and pulses which will spice up your composition immediately.


Sound Design:

  • 25 Acoustic Roll Hits
  • 12 Acoustic Signals
  • 67 Bass FXs
  • 38 Benders
  • 23 Booms
  • 61 Braams
  • 18 Clap Roll Hits
  • 24 Downers
  • 29 Fills
  • 17 Foley FX
  • 13 Kicks
  • 19 Punch Hits
  • 13 Punch Fills
  • 12 Rhythmic Whooshes
  • 44 Rises
  • 22 Rises Rhythmic
  • 46 Signals
  • 14 Short Punch Hits
  • 40 Viking Hits
  • 18 War Horns Benders
  • 22 Whooshes

Pulse Designer:

  • Pulse-Stem Designer
  • Strings Designer

Learn more about Vikings: Cinematic Hybrid Punk Folk.

Vikings Expansion: Metal Cinematic

Keepforest's Vikings Cinematic Metal Toolkit consists of powerful cinematic metal instruments for your compositions. This expansion is inspired by the DOOM soundtrack written by Mick Gordon.

As the name Vikings suggest, the library is inspired by the Scandinavian world and mythology, which have always had an important place in the movie industry, the vibe of which can be heard in Guy Ritchie’s masterpiece 'King Arthur' or in the extremely successful 'Game of Thrones.'

Surprisingly, Keepforest could not find a true and complete samples library on the market, dedicated to this genre. Having a clear vision in their minds, Keepforest decided to take the opportunity and started the recording process of Vikings in January 2017.


  • Brand New Pulse Designer
  • Powerful FX Rack
  • 3 Cinematic Metal Guitars
  • 3 Drum Kits
  • 3 Bass Guitars
  • 30 Metal Riffs
  • Synths
  • Beat Machine

Learn more about Vikings Expansion: Metal Cinematic.

Evolution: Atlantica

Evolution ATLANTICA is a powerful collection of high-quality sound effects, as well as aggressive and sophisticated instruments for creating trailers & cinematic music and game soundtracks in a short time. Synth Menu, Trailer Brass, Guitars, Sound Effects, Pulses Pattern, Aggressive Instruments - all in one product.

The Idea of Creating Evolution: Atlantica

Modern trailer and hybrid music is a very unique genre, located at the junction of several styles at once. Here the elements of sound design harmoniously interlaced with melodic instruments. Keepforest's main goal was to create a tool that allows controlling all aspects of writing such music. Keepforest provides an opportunity for deep customization, which allows you to quickly create your own unique sound.

Nevertheless - Evolution: Atlantica is simple and intuitive to the user as much as possible.



  • Low Trailer Brass
  • Bends


  • Trailer Bass Guitar
  • Trailer Electric Guitars


  • 125 Pulses


  • 37 Braams
  • 100 Epic Trailer Hits
  • 105 Whooshes
  • 44 Booms
  • 72 Short Punch Hits
  • 36 Short Punch Metal Hits
  • 18 Tonal Reversed FXs
  • 14 Rises
  • 48 Downers
  • 32 Alarms & Signals
  • 120 Transformation FXs
  • 20 Transition Shutters


  • Synth Menu
  • Pads
  • Basses
  • Leads
  • Drones
  • Plucks
  • and more!

Learn more about Evolution: Atlantica.

Evolution: Dragon

Evolution: Dragon - the first brand new instrument from Keepforest's Signature series, born out of insomnia, built by composer and sound designer Arseni Khodzin and composer/programmer Evgeny Emelyanov, with additional editing and recording content by Arthur Basov and a custom 3D GUI design by Alex Pashuk and Igor Strelnikov.

This sample library is specialized in creating cinematic/hybrid trailer music. The main product's feature is easy customization, which saves your time. Its powerful rhythmic sequencer allows you to make your own underscore patterns and simplify your work as never before.

The hybrid scoring tool includes all the "must-have" elements for creating real Hollywood trailer sound design and will be useful not only for composers but for everyone who has a relation to the film/game trailer industry. Keepforest's main goal was to create something special that helps to make easy and fast music score"


  • Over 120 Kontakt Instruments
  • 3.6 GB of Content
  • High-quality .Wav Samples at 48kHz / 24-bit

Learn more about Evolution: Dragon.

Classic Metal Hits

Keepforest proudly presents the new product line of sample packs for every composer. The Classic Metal Hits is an impressive collection of 130 powerful, aggressive and punchy metal hits, carefully designed by Keepforest, using the best source material of metal and glass objects, car parts, tools, metal sheets, tubes, etc. The recording process took place in professional studios, as well as in abandoned halls and buildings, taking advantage of the natural reverb of the space, using different microphones and placement techniques to achieve interesting results. They are all high-quality ready-to-use sounds for cinematic trailer music and other genres.

Learn more about Classic Metal Hits.

System Requirements

  • Full Version of Kontakt 5.8.0 (NOT compatible with the free Kontakt Player)
  • Wav Samples (48 kHz - 96 kHz / 24-bit)

Please Note: This product requires the FULL version of Kontakt and is NOT compatible with the free Kontakt Player)

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