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Plugin Boutique Staff Picks - Nicholas

Heavyocity introduce NOVO Essentials, a compact, streamlined version of their sonically stellar string Kontakt Player instrument, NOVO Modern Strings. Drawing the key features from their flagship product, Heavyocity have produced a beautiful sounding string engine for impressive sound design and quick composition.

Best Feature

Loop Designer

The loop designer brings an array of sound design possibilities to NOVO, allowing you to combine up to three separate layers of loops to create unique, original content. Using the macro control, individual parameters such as Filter, Drive, Space and more can be assigned to each layer of the loop and be automated independently from one another. This precise and musical approach to loop design can result in incredible, evolving loops that are ready to be used in your next production.

As a compact version of Modern Strings, NOVO Essentials’ library has an immense depth that inspires new, unique musical ideas. If you’re after lush orchestral strings with a touch of experimentation, make NOVO Essentials your new go-to string library.

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