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Plugin Boutique Staff Picks - Gareth

Creative Intent are a brand new, evolving software developer creating weird and wonderful plugins with modern designs and innovative sounds. Following the success of their distortion plugin ‘Tantrum’, they have released ‘Remnant’, a unique grain delay tool with an experimental sound.

Contained within Remnant’s intricately designed interface are two powerful grain engines that operate in parallel. As audio passes through the plugin, a delay line is created from which fragments are drawn, creating anything from simple and subtle delay effects to dense soundscapes and sharp glitches. The behaviour of Remnant’s engines also make for a very specialised sound - by automatically feeding back into one another, they create constantly varying patterns with a seemingly unique sound each time the audio is played back.

Best Feature

Freeze Mode

Remnant’s reactive freeze mode is a standout feature that, when enabled, freezes the signal in the delay line and infinitely draws and emits grains from the sound. The reactive nature of this mode means that, as the input signal exceeds the envelope threshold, the delay line will temporarily unlock to allow new signal to enter and be affected, introducing new character to the output grain stream.

Overall, Remnant is an exciting, experimental plugin that can result in interesting and sonically excellent effects, ranging from simple gritty analogue delays to sharp, fragmented glitches and will truly bring a unique edge to your productions.

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