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Rhythm is a very important element of any track, but it can often be difficult to program a beat that is truly unique. Utilising the same randomisation technology as Riffer, its melody generating counterpart, Audiomodern Playbeat is a plugin dedicated to generating random grooves that can be used immediately in your track.

Best Feature

Random Groove Capabilities

Playbeat features a sequencer for programming your grooves, in which you can load up to four of your own samples. There are also pitch and volume pages, where each sample can be pitched and altered in volume per beat, allowing you to intuitively build complex and creative beats.

Where Playbeat really comes to life, however, is through it’s randomising capabilities. Under the hood, there is an algorithm that uses random procedures to generate beats, meaning that there is an infinite number of possible patterns that Playbeat can create for you. Beats can be randomised by hitting the dice icon at the top of the plugin, giving you a new beat combination every time.

Audiomodern Playbeat is a must-have solution for all of your rhythmic needs. With its intuitive sequencing interface and industry-leading randomisation algorithm, Playbeat offers a unique take on drum programming that will streamline your beat making process.

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