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Tape Pro

Multi-Effect by Caelum Audio

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"Tape Pro is a fantastic alternative to the virtual tape machines and tape echoes from well-known manufacturers. 5.5/6"
. A popular music production magazine from Germany
"Tape Pro is a very funky plugin with plenty of sonic flavour and an affordable price tag. 8/10"
. The world's best-selling magazine dedicated to making great music with your Mac or PC.

Endless Creativity

Tape Pro is a multi-effect tape audio plugin that introduces warmth, frequency shaping, modulation, noise and delay. Whether you want to accurately replicate a microcassette tape running at 1.2cm/s, or you want to drive a mastering grade tape machine with strange distortion shapes into a high feedback delay engine, Tape Pro is the plugin for the job.

Tape Pro has a module for each sound feature of tape. The first of these in the signal chain is the Saturation module. The variety of distortion types to choose from turn Tape Pro into a valuable creative tool - get the exact saturation sound you want with; Tape, Digital, Rectify, Half-Rectify, Sine and Smooth.

Next, the Response module uses a variety of different impulse responses recorded from real tape machines to recreate the authentic character to its sound. Caelum Audio's collection of responses from 12 different tape machines will have you covered; Cassette Type 1, Type 2 and Type 4, Worn, New and Mod Copi-Delay, Master SA812, Master TM15, Microcassette at 1.2cm/s and 2.4cm/s, Semi-Pro RB77 7.5ips and 15ips.

Noise is a huge part of the real tape sound and builds texture within any vibe you're making. Tape Pro uses real sampled noise and can add anything from the rolling heads of a tape delay to the subtle hiss of a top of the range mastering tape machine. The noise types included are the same as listed above in the response module.

The wobbles and fluctuations of tape can be used to create wonderful modulations. Tape Pro's Wow recreates the low-speed fluctuations of tape speed, while Flutter recreates the high-speed fluctuations. The rate of the wow can even be synchronised to your DAW - it can do things real tape machines can't.

Part of the inspiration for creating Tape Pro came from a tape delay machine that sat in the Caelum Audio studio. Caelum Audio wanted the genuine tape delay sound anywhere they went, without having to transport, set up and wire in the hardware unit. Because of this, a huge amount of effort went into getting Tape Pro's delay module right. The hardware unit is no longer needed, it has been fully replaced by Tape Pro.


  • 6 saturation algorithms with hysteresis, asymmetry and remanence.
  • 21 selectable impulse responses from 11 different tape machines.
  • 12 different noise samples.
  • Versatile wow and flutter module.
  • Realistic sounding tape delay.
  • Hugely creative, hugely fun tool.

System Requirements


  • OSX 10.11 and above
  • VST3, AU, AAX 
  • 64-bit only


  • Windows 7 and above
  • VST3 (32 & 64-bit), AAX (64-bit only)

Important note: The PC AAX format is 64-bit only.

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