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Bass Master Expansion Pack: Bass Disruption

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Loopmasters are proud to introduce Bass Disruption, the latest expansion pack for Bass Master - Loopmasters very own sample-based bass synth built on an extensive and award-winning library of sonics!

This collection of bass sounds was created with only one thing in mind; to provide you with a top-tier armoury of upfront, and in-your-face bass sounds that will feel right at home in any production that needs a little bit of attitude. Expect everything from distorted and aggressive tones to dark, tormented bass layers; all ready and waiting to rock the low end of your latest productions.

These basses were created using a varied selection of sound sources including warped and destroyed double bass, analogue synths and foley recordings, which were further mangled and manipulated using a selection of pedals and Modular FX. The Leap Motion controller added some real-time gestural manipulation to the modular system, which gave the sounds a whole new layer of organic control during the recording process. There’s also some great natural baked-in reverb, from the glass house studio where the sounds were originally recorded. Layering these basses with each other and the factory Bass Master sounds really made them come to life, and have resulted in some truly great presets.

Don't underestimate the quality of the sounds of Bass Disruption. A deep collection of atmospheric and characterful bass sounds will provide a solid foundation for your next track. Bass Disruption provides you with a pallet that’s not only perfect for a wide range of cinematic flavours but also fits nicely with all kinds of modern bass music; you are certain to find the perfect sound for any occasion. This collection is a great addition to Bass Master’s already top-notch stock sounds that will enable you to bring a whole new low-end experience to your existing favourite sounds.

Thanks to the diverse range of bass sounds available here, Bass Disruption finds itself at home in a variety of situations, not limited to DnB, techno, dubstep, house, bass music, cinematic or dark ambient!

Bass Disruptions for Bass Master will take your journey in low-end sound design to exciting and bold new heights - grab this one whilst it’s hot!

In detail, expect to find 51 brand new waveform samples, broken down as 10 Havoc Basses, 6 Modulated Basses, 4 Sub Basses, 30 Titan Basses & 2 Warm Basses. These have been used to create 101 unique presets, broken down as 12 Sub, 22 Mid, 12 Harsh, 3 Other, 48 Titan & 4 Havoc presets.


  • 51 Waveforms
  • 101 Presets

System Requirements

  • Bass Master 1.1.3 is required to run this software.

Important Note: This software requires a copy of Bass Master 1.1.3. Please ensure you have updated Bass Master to version 1.1.3 or higher before installing your expansion pack.

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