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Plugin Boutique VirtualCZ Complete Expansion Bundle

Complete Collection by Exclusive Bundles+

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For the first time, get every expansion for VirtualCZ in a single bundle! No matter which genre you're producing, expand your copy of VirtualCZ with the Plugin Boutique VirtualCZ Complete Expansion Bundle.

Important Note: VirtualCZ is not included in this bundle.

VirtualCZ Expansion Pack: Casiology

Injecting life back into the classic sound of the original CZ series, Casiology explores and utilises the potential of VirtualCZ's new features to offer a classically inspired expansion.

Featuring 64 presets of which you can expect an authentic 80's Synthwave sound this collection is suited for those looking to add a glow of neon to their productions. The presets have been designed to complement each other and are suited for multiple genre's including House, Electro, Pop, Electronica and more. Many of the sounds make use of aftertouch for a realistic playing experience. 


  • 18 Basses
  • 8 Keyboards
  • 5 Leads
  • 16 Pads
  • 6 Plucks
  • 6 Synths
  • 3 FX
  • 2 Drums

VirtualCZ Expansion Pack: Dark Element

Created by Bristol-based DJ/Producer D Product, Dark Element is an array of cutting edge VirtualCZ presets that have been designed to inject your productions with a futuristic sound that can be applied across all electronica genres. Releasing music for well over a decade D Product has been involved with some of the biggest and best Drum & Bass collectives including Roni Size's Reprezent and Full Cycle along with being a resident DJ at London's legendary club - Fabric.

Suitable for the Following Genres:

  • Drum & Bass
  • Dubstep
  • Electro
  • EDM
  • Techno
  • Tech House
  • Ambient


  • 64 Presets
  • 8 Sequences
  • 16 Basses
  • 11 Leads
  • 16 FX
  • 1 Bell
  • 7 Pads
  • 5 Keyboards

VirtualCZ Expansion Pack: Deep Space

The 'Deep Space' expansion brings you 64 cinematic presets best suited for Sci-Fi sound production as well as genres such as Ambient, Electronica, Drum & Bass, Dub Techno and even EDM intros and breakdowns. Perfect for bringing a touch of futuristic sound to your productions utilising VirtualCZ's distinct, unique timbre.

Carefully crafted sounds of the 'Deep Space' soundbank include atmospheres, textures, pads, various FX, sweeps and sequences, that will provide instant inspiration to all music and motion picture audio producers, both in retro and contemporary settings.


  • 64 Presets
  • 15 x Atmospheres and Textures
  • 14 x FX
  • 9 x Sequences
  • 7 x Pads
  • 9 x Keys
  • 4 x Sweeps
  • 4 x Leads
  • 2 x Bass

VirtualCZ Expansion Pack: Digital Nostalgia

Xenos Soundworks' 'Digital Nostalgia' contains 64 original presets for VirtualCZ. While imbued with a clear old-school personality, their timeless essence is still useful in current electronic music. Whether you produce House, Minimal Techno, 80's Electronica, or retro-inspired Hip Hop, 'Digital Nostalgia' will find its useful place in your mix when you want that special sound of the CZ synths.


  • 17 Basses
  • 4 Bells
  • 3 Brass
  • 6 FX
  • 3 Keyboards
  • 12 Leads
  • 10 Pads
  • 8 Plucks
  • 1 String

VirtualCZ Expansion Pack: FutureCZ

The FutureCZ is a collection of 64 expertly crafted presets for VirtualCZ which focuses on uncovering and showcasing the modern flavours of the retro-classic synth!

Delve into these presets and you'll find a colourful selection of fat basses, sweet leads and plucks, deep stabs as well as an array of emotive keys and pads for your harmonic needs. This forward-thinking pack also features a collection of underlying elements for your tracks such as drones, textures, motion sequences and FX.

Bring the digital goodness from the past to "the now" and shape your destination with the FutureCZ expansion pack!


  • 10 x Bass
  • 2 x Bells
  • 4 x Drones
  • 3 x FX
  • 6 x Keys
  • 10 x Leads
  • 4 x Motions
  • 3 x Pads
  • 6 x Percussion
  • 5 x Plucks
  • 9 x Stabs
  • 2 x Textures

VirtualCZ Expansion Pack: Retro Electro

Being product's of the 80's, the original CZ synths were used on countless Electro and Synth Pop records. We pay homage to this golden era with Retro Electro curated by Scott Diaz. A nostalgic selection of warm polyphonic keys, neon leads, phat basses and fx crafted for a perfect 80's retro sound.


  • 13 Basses
  • 15 Leads
  • 11 Keys
  • 12 Pads
  • 8 Plucks
  • 3 Stings
  • 1 Brass
  • 1 Bell

VirtualCZ Expansion Pack: Sub Tropics

Sub Tropics is a collection of 64 deep and warm prests for the VirtualCZ synth. Featuring pumping basses, slick leads, classic keys, stabs and FX this collection is geared for the contemporary Deep House and Garage sounds but will be welcomed within any bass-driven production. 

Produced by Dom Kane (FXpansion, Loopmasters, Xfer) you can expect a precise and professional quality to all 64 presets. Having been involved in the beta testing of VirtualCZ from the beginning he has championed the synth and utilised its ability within many of his own records. Use the presets straight from the synth or get creative with the synths many parameters to create your own unique sounds for your productions. 


  • 64 Presets
  • Bass x 19
  • Lead x 19
  • Stab x 9
  • Keys x 8
  • Percussion x 4
  • Bell x 2
  • Pluck x 1
  • Brass x 1
  • Sting x 1

VirtualCZ Expansion Pack: Sunshine State

Sunshine State is a collection of 64 feel good presets for the VirtualCZ synth. Complied of warm basses, classic keyboards, driving leads and uplifting strings and brass sounds. The pack has been designed with a classic Deep House sound in mind but can be utilised across all productions in need of a vitamin D hit.

Designed by House producer Da Sunlounge, you can expect to hear his trademark jovial sound. The presets have been crafted to capture the retro sound notorious to the CZ and are ready to played or can easily be tweaked to create your own unique sounds for your productions. 


  • 64 Presets
  • 21 x Basses
  • 17 x Keyboards
  • 15  Leads
  • 5 x FX
  • 3 x Strings
  • 3 x Brass

System Requirements

  • The full version of VirtualCZ is required to run these expansion packs.

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