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32-bit / 64-bit

MIDI Polysher

Virtual Patchbay by eaReckon

Free Product

MIDI Polysher is a free VST plugin primarly designed for eaReckon BloXpander users (but it works with other compatible VST host software).

BloXpander is now provided with its own full-featured MIDI filter and therefore, BloXpander users do not really need this plug-in anymore.

However, musicians have shown interest for this plug-in which can be used in other VST DAWs.

This is why MIDI Polysher was rebuilt from scratch and it is now available as 32/64-bit VST plug-in for both Windows and Mac OSX.

With multiple instances of MIDI Polysher loaded into your DAW, you can create "zones" and control several instruments from a same MIDI keyboard (or controller).

For example, you can link the upper keys of your master keyboard to a virtual piano plugin and the lower keys to a virtual bass instrument but there is more to do with it...


32/64-bit VST plug-in for Windows and Mac OSX​Key range ("Pass", "Exclude", "Free", "Nearest" modes)

  • Velocity range
  • Global CC filtering
  • Global Aftertouch filtering
  • Global Pitch Bend filtering
  • MIDI channel filtering
  • MIDI (per channel) activity monitor
  • Transpose

System Requirements

  • MIDI Polysher is a MIDI only VST plug-in.

How easy (or even possible) it is to use it, highly depends on the host MIDI routing capabilities.


  • Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Window 8.1
  • This is a VST plugin. A compatible VST host software is needed.


  • Operating System: Max OSX 10.5 minimum
  • This is a VST plugin. A compatible VST host software is needed.

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