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Music Tech Magazine review: Sonic Charge Permut8

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Permut8 - from: Sonic Charge

Key Features:

• 12-bit digital delay with variable clock speed
• Operator switches for adjusting the read position
• Analogue sounding input and output with soft clipper
• Create unigue, complex glitch effects and lo-fi, bit crushed sounds

We've seen a number of fun glitch-based effects plug-ins released over the last couple of years, from BT and iZotope's Stutter Edit to Sugar Bytes' Turnado. Each has a different sounds, layout and techniques for creating controlled chaos. The latest is Sonic Charge's Permut8 - a digital delay plug-in that can be programmed to produce a wide range of effects, from standard delay lines and flangers to beat-repeats and bit-crushers. The first thing you notice about Permut8 is the striking GUI, which has been designed to give the plug-in the feel of a piece of hardware. On the left you have the Analog section, which has controls for input level, a soft clipper and brickwall limiter, a high-/low-pass filter that can be placed at several points in the chain, a feedback control with Flip L/R and Invert switches, an output control with another soft clipper and, finally, a dry/wet control. These controls alone are enough to give any sound that you pass through the plug-in a gritty, distorted vibe.

The main part of the plug-in, however, is the 12-bit memory, displayed as an LED array at the bottom, with red dots showing incoming audio written to memory and green dots representing the playback position. A Clock Frequency knob controls both the speed of the playback and the audio quality, making it possible to do some brain-melting pitch-dives or build-ups by sweeping with the sync switched off. Things get more confusing when you come to the two Operators, which have 16 switches each for changing and modulating the read position. This is a unique approach that may be baffling to some, but flicking random switches can lead to happy accidents. Another superb feature is the ability to control the switches, frequency or program changes via a MIDI keyboard.

However, what sets this plug-iri apart are the sounds that it can generate - it's quite unlike anything else we've heard, and if you like circuit-bent glitch sounds it's an absolute no-brainer. Just don't expect it to make sense immediately, and be prepared to spend some time finding your way around. MTM

MTM Verdict

A truly original plug-in that excels at glitch edits and dirty, la-fl sounds. The Operators will potentially confuse some users, but flicking random switches creates good results and is great fun. 9/10


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