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Boutique plugin manufacturer Aberrant DSP develops colourful tools for creative mixing, and with their latest release SketchCassette II, comes an ever more powerful cassette-inspired degrader, perfect for achieving a warm, lo-fi sound. Featuring an array of tape emulations encased within a cosy, unique interface, SketchCassette II makes it incredibly easy to quickly dial in the gritty effects of years gone by.

Best Feature

Wow & Flutter

Beyond the tape types, SketchCassette II has fully-fledged modulation controls for additional analogue goodness. The independent wow and flutter sections include parameters for controlling the depth, rate, and LFO shape, so you can hone those woozy wobbles to perfection. You can even sync the entire rate to your DAW for more precise time-based effects.

Aberrant DSP have pushed the boundaries of cassette emulations to produce a complete lo-fi tape emulator that is oozing with character. Whether you need aggressive, unearthed-from-the-attic destruction or just a hint of dirt and warmth, SketchCassette II is guaranteed to add a touch of analogue magic to your audio.

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