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Analog Bass Patch Sound Design

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In this thorough course from acclaimed UK producer Seppa, you'll gain an unrivalled understanding of the powerful Analog Ableton Live synthesiser. Riding high after the release of his dark and atmospheric Displaced EP, Seppa is a UK producer gaining a legion of fans for his exceptional ability to craft tracks infused with incredible moods and grooves.

In this detailed course, Seppa demonstrates his mastery of Ableton's Analog instrument, giving a comprehensive and incredibly applicable series that teaches all of the ins and outs of this powerful synth, as well as demonstrating how to create some classic bass sounds that are guaranteed to find a place in your next track.

The course is available 24/7/365 after purchase and can be watched again and again. Complete with five free presets set up in device racks, this course will take your sound design skills to the next level. Check out the trailer and sample module now!

Sample Module


Module 1: Analog Overview

In the first module, Seppa begins to walk you through Analog's various controls and gives a thorough explanation of each.

Module 2: Filters and LFOs

Next, Seppa delves into Analog's powerful feature functionality, explaining how to manipulate them to gain total control over your sound, then moves on to a detailed description of Analog's LFOs. 

Module 3: Global Parameters

In module 3, Seppa runs through the powerful global controls in Analog. He describes their vast functionality and how and why to use each control.

Module 4: Creating an 808 Style Bass

Moving on to creating some examples, Seppa design an 808 style bass sound. He walks through the different components of the 808 sound, describing in detail how to sculpt each aspect in Analog.

Module 5: Creating the 'Attack Wobbler' 

In module 5, Seppa walks you through creating a dirty and twisted bass sound. With powerful attack, it cuts through the mix, with the wobble and distortion creating a thunderous undertone.

Module 6: Creating a Reese Bass

In the penultimate module, Seppa demonstrates how to create a classic bass sound, the Reese bass. Famous for the dynamic and moving texture it adds to any track, the Reese bass is used in genres from drum and bass and dubstep to electro house.

Module 7: Seppa Bass Design Analog Presets

In the final model, Seppa goes through the five included presets.

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